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'We’re all hands on deck': The days-long transformation of Brick Breeden Fieldhouse to a rodeo arena

Brick Breeden Fieldhouse transforms to rodeo
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse transforms to rodeo 2
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse transforms to rodeo arena
Posted at 2:52 PM, Apr 11, 2023

BOZEMAN — 50,000 square feet is how much space is converted from a fieldhouse to a rodeo arena at Montana State. The process takes five days and dozens of people putting in effort to transform Brick Breeden Fieldhouse for Montana State's annual spring rodeo.

Step one includes putting down vinyl to protect the floor for step two, which is adding a second layer of 1,206 pieces of plywood. Step three takes just under 10 hours and involves 200 round trips of dump trucks put down the 12-18 inch layer of dirt throughout the floor.

Two days following the dirt installation, there is the final step which is a 12 hour-process of installing the steel barricades.

“You know, we’re all hands on deck because we want to get in here and start practicing so we have our competitive edge on Thursday," Montana State rodeo senior Treg Wolstein said.

The turnaround is nothing short of incredible, and the athletes are responsible for the final day of steel installation. To put it in perspective, it’s as if the basketball team had to build their own court.

“Now it’s just the manpower to set up the panels and get it all laid out for a smooth, functioning rodeo," Wolstein said.

Despite the hours of building, it’s more than worth it for the athletes. They are ready to get going and show their community what they’re made of.

“From people filling the stands, to the sponsors it’s kind of unreal," Wolstein explained. "There’s nothing like it. There’s an energy like nothing in our region.”

After the spring rodeo ends on Sunday, you won’t even be able to even tell there was dirt in The Brick on Monday morning. The steel and dirt disappear down the road until they’re needed again.

The Montana State Rodeo takes place Thursday through Sunday, and MTN Sports will have continued coverage of the event.