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Helena Capital boys, Billings West girls lead Helena Invitational after Day 1

Trevor Swanson, Eli Groschelle tied for 1st
Posted at 7:21 PM, Sep 12, 2019

HELENA -- Day 1 of the Helena Invitational golf tournament saw a handful of low numbers on both the boys and girls sides.

Great Falls CMR's Eli Groschelle and Helena Capital's Trevor Swanson ended their first round knotted at 2-over-par apiece. The boys top five on the individual leaderboard was only separated by a grand total of five strokes, with Jhett Braley and Gabe Witham in third and fourth at 4-over and 5-over, respectively.

The team leaderboard, much like the individual leaderboard, was tight near the top. Helena Capital led with a total of 320 strokes, and Billings Senior was right behind at 325 total strokes. Billings West and Great Falls CMR were also only separated by two strokes, as both teams jockeyed for third place Thursday at 341 and 343 total strokes, respectively.

On the girls side of the leaderboard, Billings West's Carrie Carpenter was lights out on Day 1 shooting 7-over, but Helena High's Ginny Kerr was hot on her heels shooting 8-over. Billings West and Helena High dominated the individual leaderboard posting three golfers each in the top six. The team leaderboard reflected what the individual leaderboard displayed. Billings West leads after Day 1with a combined score of 349 strokes, but Helena High is within striking distance as they head into Day 2, at a total score of 351 strokes.

Boys Individual Leaderboard

Trevor Swanson 74 Helena Capital
Eli Groschelle 74 Great Falls CMR
Jhett Braley 77 Billings Senior
Gabe Witham 78 Helena Capital
Reece Mayala 79 Billings Senior
Connor Halligan 79 Billings West
Luke Thomson 80 Helena High
Caswell Bloomquist 82 Helena Capital
Siam Wilailuc 82 Billings Senior
Croix Flohr 83 Billings West
Camron Ketchum 85 Billings Skyview
Brett Stoos 86 Helena Capital
Trenton Olson 86 Great Falls High
Fox Weymouth 87 Great Falls CMR
Cade Wagner 87 Billings Senior
Ben Ebel 87 Billings Skyview
Dutch Teders 88 Helena Capital
Brevyn Goosen 88 Great Falls CMR
Jacob Wassmer 89 Billings West
Dylan Ahlgren 90 Billings West
Myles Jacobs 91 Helena High
Tyler Brynner 93 Billings Senior
Aidan Binau 93 Billings Skyview
Wyeth Hayes 94 Great Falls High
Kaleb Engel 94 Great Falls CMR
Jace Kirschman 95 Billings West
Ashton Grewell 95 Billings Skyview
Byren Stoner 96 Helena High
Trey Wasson 96 Great Falls CMR
James Lane 97 Helena High
Ridge Wohler 97 Billings Skyview
Adler Lybbert 105 Helena High
Manny Montoya 107 Great Falls High
Tate Swanon 113 Great Falls High

Boys Team Leaderboard

Helena Capital 320
Billings Senior 325
Billings West 341
Great Falls CMR 343
Billings Skyview 360
Helena High 364
Great Falls High No Score

Girls Individual Leaderboard

Carrie Carpenter 79 Billings West
Ginny Kerr 80 Helena High
Raelynn Bruyere 85 Billings West
Pilar Santos 87 Helena High
Lauren Williams 88 Helena High
Kadence Fisher 90 Billings West
Amanda King 91 Billings Skyview
Cierra Sundheim 91 Billings Skyview
Gigi Montague 91 Billings Senior
Meilyn Armstrong 91 Billings Skyview
Cassidy Venner 92 Billings Senior
Lexi McNew 93 Helena Capital
Morgan Sunchild 93 Great Falls High
Barbara McGreger 95 Billings West
Mckenna Malsam 95 Great Falls High
Sami Benson 95 Billings Senior
Celi Chapman 96 Helena High
Zita Gravely 96 Helena Capital
Kelly Jones 97 Great Falls High
Kennedy Venner 99 Billings Senior
Patyn Viker 101 Billings West
Kaitlyn Hensel 102 Billings Skyview
KK Lawrence 104 Helena Capital
Kendra Thayer 106 Great Falls CMR
Paige O'Mara 106 Helena Capital
Bryn Turnquist 107 Billings Senior
Megan Swanson 108 Helena Capital
Alex Madsen 111 Great Falls CMR
Jadyn Johnson 113 Helena High
Alexa Fjelstad 115 Great Falls High
Kylie Henderson 116 Great Falls CMR
Gracie Mensas 120 Billings Skyview
Kendall Haverlandt 124 Great Falls High
Isabella Corn 127 Great Falls CMR
Tritan Zaremski 127 Great Falls CMR

Girls Team Leaderboard

Billings West 349
Helena High 351
Billings Skyview 375
Billings Senior 377
Helena Capital 399
Great Falls High 400
Great Falls CMR 460