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State A golf: Both Laurel teams capture titles

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Posted at 11:51 PM, Oct 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-03 11:49:41-04

POLSON — Both Laurel teams captured titles Saturday at Polson Bay Golf Course. It is the Laurel girls fourth straight season winning a state title.

Coming into the second day of the tournament, Macee Greenwood from Corvallis was tied for first with Hannah Adams of Laurel, with a score of 77. However, the Locomotive senior prevailed on day two. She won her second state title, shooting an even-par of 77.

"It Is definitely more special this time around I understood the impact and the velocity winning as a senior is pretty special. I feel really excited and really blessed. I just knew I had to go put in a good score for my team and it is a really special moment," said Adams.

The Locomotive boys team also prevailed. Cameron Hauckmann took over on the back nine, with three birdies in a row. He ended day two six-under-par and was the only player to shoot under par. Hauckmann scored a 71 on day one and a 67 on day two, leading him to a first-place finish.

Girls Team Scores

1Laurel +77326327653
7Custer Co+226402400802
8Billings Central+308443441884

Girls Individual

1Hannah Adams Laurel+27472146
2Macee Greenwood Corvallis+77477151
3Katie Lewis Frenchtown+137681157
3Haylee Adams Laurel+147979158
5Breana Jensen Laurel+198380163
T6Ashley Maki Polson+228383166
7Karly Volk Sidney +258485169
8Aly Rose Hamilton+278685171
9Reagan Lapante+298984173
10Karsyn Swigart+338889177
11Anyah Cripe+348791178
12Anna Prill+389092182
13Kiaralynn Weidinger Lockwood+399093183
T14Macy Whisenand Whitefish+428898186
T14Molly Cooney Laurel+429096186
T14Brooklyn Brown Hamilton+429195186
17Jessica Gubler Park+439196187
18Alyssa Pretty on Top Ronan+459297189
19Elsa Cajune Park +499697193
20Camille Poncin Park+5010094194
21Ashlan Mortensen +529997196
T22Kara Allen Park+5310097197
T22Kylee Niemeyer Ronan+5310295197
24Kila Cannon Polson+5410296198
25Emma Hollingsworth Hamilton+5610595200
T26Izzy Meclenburg Fergus+57101101201
T26Cadence Blankenship CO+5710398201
28Shea Reber Havre+5999104203
T29Fern Stewart Hamilton+61101104205
T29Brooke Blue Browning+61103102205
T29Grace Mertello Frenchtown+61104101205
T32Alyssa Robertus Laurel+62101105206
T32Bridget Anderson Frenchtown+62102`104206
34Hailey Anderson Corvallis+63104103207
35Clare Konen Polson+65107102209
T36Ava Leopold Corvallis+66106104210
T36Stella Jaffe Whitefish +66106104210
T38Kylee Seifert Polson +6796115211
38Jori Haugen Billings Central+67103108211
T40McKinley Murray Hamilton+71107108215
T40Tallory Workman Whitefish+71109106215
T40Eddie Schisholm Columbia Falls+71110105215
T43 Emilyee Iverson Sydney+75113106219
T44Gabby Krueger Corvallis+76113107224
T44Anna Gremaux Fergus+76109111220
46Gemma Sharples Dawson Co+7711110121
47Brittney Wagner Browning+78109113222
48Leia Brennan Whitefish+86115115230
49Brook Behl Fergus +87110121236
50Lliana Milburn Billings Central+92124112236
51Abby Uffelman Hardin+95116123239
52Mercades Lamb Sidney+97124117241
53Cyleigh Kelly Lockwood+102117129246
54Kendall Lange Custer Co+107122129251
55Arwyn Milburn +111126129255

Boys Individual

1Cameron Hackmann Laurel-67167138
2Billy Smith Whitefish+17273145
3Eli Weisenberger Laurel+27472146
4Aubrey Kelley Park+37275147
5Danyk Jacobsen Park+57475149
6Carson Hupka Polson+67575150
T7Sam Norman Laurel+77576151
T7Max Cianflone Hamilton+77675151
9Johnny Nix Whitefish+8 7379152
T10Christian Lund Polson+117580155
T10Marcus Kilman Whitefish+117481155
T10Conor Walsh Billings Central +117877155
T13Hunter Emerson Polson +127779156
T13Reese Jensen Billings Central+128175156
T13Torrin Ellis Polson+127977156
T16Jackson Heath Hamilton+137879157
T17Riley Brown Whitefish +1583 76159
T18Reece Malyevac Libby+178081161
T18Ryder Lee Custer Co+178081161
20Bjorn Olson+187884162
T21Fischer Brown Fergus+198182163
T21Mason Anderson Corvallis+198281163
T21Trayson Hart Laurel+198281163
T24Trey Edwalt Laurel+208183164
T24Kamas Romney Frenchtown+208678164
26Tate Jessop Corvallis +228581166
27David Ramshaw Billings Central+238879167
28Kaleb Spangler Havre+248583168
29Liam Higgins Park+258782169
T30Espn Fisher Polson+278586171
T30Theron Peterson Havre+279081171
32Andrew Ricklefs Hamilton+288686172
T33Carson Barta Fergus+298291173
T33Chance Marshall Park+298390173
35Carson Richie Hamilton+328690176
36Houston Dunn Park+339087177
37Cole Dickemore Hamilton+3458593178
T38Logan Schumacker Sidney+358891179
T38Blake Harlan Billings Central+359683179
T40Lane Clark Columbia Falls+369090180
T40Justin Jones Custer Co+369090180
42Taven Coon Dawson Co+379289181
T43Dillon Pretty on Top Ronan +388993182
T43Reuben Couture Ronan+389290182
T43William Webster Dillon+389290182
T43Nash Niemeyer Ronan+389290182
47Carter Wichman Fergus+398994183
48Ray Morrison Dillon+409391184
49Kale Reno Havre+4210086186
T50Tate Hazen Sidney+439790187
T50Connor Champagne East Helena+439889187
52Grant Wilcox Corvallis +459594189
T53Keaton Wold Fergus+499796193
T53Sean Zimmer Fergus+499697193
T53Conroy Schmitt Billings Central +4910093193
56Shane Lachenauer Corvallis +5110194195
57Holter Santos Dillon+5310592197
58Bryce Cooper Corvallis+99119124243

Boys Team Score

1Laurel +21301296597
2Whitefish +30297309606
6Billings Central+81343314657