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Flathead golf team looking to build future

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Posted at 1:12 PM, Sep 19, 2021

KALISPELL — Flathead high school hosted day two of the annual Kalispell Invitational. It was a two day tournament day one was at Northern Pines, and day two, Flathead hosted on their home course at Buffalo Hills. And the players say it was nice to play a familiar course.

Sophia Dkykuizn said,"Personally, I really love it. I love Buffalo Hill it is pretty challenging. It is always a new experience every time. You never quite know where you are going to end up. But yeah, I love hosting. It is a lot of fun. "

Drew Lowry added, "Didn’t do as hot as we did in other ones, but it is always enjoyable to be able to come out and play our home courses."

Even though a lot of work goes into hosting this tournament every year, Braves golf coach Roy Antley says the reward is worth it.

Roy Antley said,"It is a lot more work being the host, but it is also a lot more fun having our kids play in front of their parents and represent Flathead high school, with the class and style that they always have. "

After the tournament, the Flathead golf team took out some golf carts to represent the Braves golf team and passed candy out to the community for homecoming week, in hopes of getting future Brave golfers excited.

“The parents have arranged to get some golf carts up here, decorated with the Flathead golf banner and signs and toss some candy to the kids and encourage them to come up and become Brave golfers when they come up," said Coach Antley.

Lowry said, "carts were donated to drive down main street, and we were going to throw some candy out."

"We have all of our lovely golf carts in the back here. We just decorated them, were going to go and pass candy out to everyone, and it's going to be a total blast," added Dykhuizn

The Golf Western AA Divisional will be next week in Missoula at the Ranch Club.