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Bozeman's Bridger Creek Golf Course having great start to season after long winter

Bridger Creek Golf Course
Posted at 1:38 PM, Jun 24, 2023

BOZEMAN — While some sports are on summer hiatus, it’s peak season for golf.

At Bridger Creek Golf Course in Bozeman, they have everything from men’s and women’s leagues to shotgun tournaments.

One thing is for certain after the long winter: Golfers couldn’t wait to get out to play.

“Well, it was the latest opening we’ve had in 30 years," PGA director of golf Mark Holiday said. "We’ve been here 30 years. We opened at the very end of April, and usually we open at the end of March, early April. So, it was a long, long winter and a late opening.”

As one can imagine, the prolonged winter created immense anticipation to finally get out on the course.

Even when it finally opened the weather wasn’t ideal, but it didn’t phase the golfers.

“Golfers were really excited to get out, and they came out enthusiastically," Holiday said. "They were very excited to be here. And the May weather was kind of iffy, but they still came out."

"Our leagues started then, and they were just happy to be out," he explained. "They braved some tough weather, which they usually do anyway. But, they were just excited to be here.”

The men's and ladies leagues at Bridger Creek run for about three months throughout the summer.

Like Holiday noted, the rules say that weather will not postpone a league, unless the golf course is unplayable or there are dangerous conditions.

“All our men’s leagues are full, all our ladies league is full," he said. "So, it’s been a little bit of a later start, like I said, the league just started a week or two later, but they’ve all been attending and enjoying it. And they’ve been through some cold, tough weather during the leagues, but usually in the spring that happens, so they’re used to it.”

Bridger Creek has been dubbed “Montana's leader in junior golf.”

They have hosted Nike camps for over two decades, and this year they are already sold out.

“You know I think we’ve seen an uptick in how quick parents get their kids into those camps and all are other camps, too," Holiday noted.

For more information on the course and its events, click here.