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Montana State Bobcats OC Taylor Housewright: Offense will be 'fun, fast and physical'

Montana State Bobcats OC Taylor Housewright: Offense will be 'fun, fast and physical'
Montana State Bobcats OC Taylor Housewright: Offense will be 'fun, fast and physical'
Posted at 8:40 AM, Aug 31, 2021

BOZEMAN — Montana State offensive coordinator Taylor Housewright has had the chance to learn from quite a few great offensive minds. While at Ashland University he played and learned under current Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur. As a coach, Housewright’s been influenced by offensive coordinator Joe Moorehead at Oregon and Brent Vigen while they were at Wyoming. Those are just a few names he's connected to.

“I take a little bit from all those guys," said Housewright. "Being around (Vigen) and Joe Moorhead the last few years, every situation is different, every kid’s different so you try to pick and choose and remember back situations that you heard on coaching the quarterback and lessons you need to teach them."

Fans shouldn’t expect a drastic change in what they are going to see now that Housewright has the reins of the offense. He describes his offense as fun, fast and physical. It's going to be similar to the way things were run under former head coach Jeff Choate.

“This program has won with running the football and it’s going to continue to win with running the football,” said the new MSU offensive coordinator. “I think we were eighth in the country last year, first in the conference. In order to win a championship you got to run the ball. ”

The leader of that offense will be quarterback Matthew McKay. The junior transfer from NC State was at thetop of the depth chart after spring ball and kept the job as the fall depth chart was released Monday ahead of the game against Wyoming.

“There’s nobody that’s going to study harder than him,” said Housewright. “He’s going to prepare himself and make sure he knows what’s going on and he makes decisions quickly and can think quickly. I think his leadership is growing. Guys follow him. He’s got a little bit of a swag to him, I guess you could say. He’s a great human being. He’s had great parents and I think that shows in the field and his decision making."

This is the first time Housewright has been a coordinator and with a lot more control he’s learned to have more patience.

“Patience. Patience. Got to have patience,” said Housewright. “I try to coach guys hard and create chaos in practice because in the game you’re not out there, but at the same time you want confidence.”

Having most of the offensive staff remain through the coaching change has made it a smooth transition for the offensive coordinator. Housewright lauded former offensive coordinator and now wide receivers coach Justin Udy in helping him in his new role.

“They’ve made life so much easier,” said Housewright. “Understanding that it starts with me. All the blame comes to me. If we don’t play well, it’s on me. Trying to have a (coaching staff) and build chemistry where everybody feels like they’re a part of it and try to use a little bit of everybody’s experience to create something.”

Although Housewright will be calling plays for the Bobcats, he made sure to state that it’s head coach Brent Vigen’s offense and what he says goes.