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Logan Jones makes the most of starting opportunity for Montana State

Posted at 1:33 PM, Sep 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-15 20:59:42-04

MACOMB, IL -- After Montana State's 23-14 win over Western Illinois on Saturday, Logan Jones wasn't thinking about his career high 21 carries, 167 yards and two touchdowns.

A second quarter fumble derailed a promising Bobcat drive with the game tied.

"I was super upset with myself," Jones admitted. "But as I went to the sideline, I wasn't down. I went up to the O-line and said 'keep walking, keep going' because what kind of message does that send if a senior has his head down and all bummed?

"It's the same thing in life. If something bad happens to you what are you going to do - hang your head and pout about it? No. Nobody cares. So you got to keep yourself up and tell yourself 'next play, let's go'. Because you play for your boys, those guys out there."

And Jones more than made up for his miscue in the third quarter. On first and 10 from the 13 yard line, Jones ran up the middle on a power formation and turned on the jets for an 87 yard score to put MSU up 17-7. The third longest run in school history, and a turning point in Saturday's game.

"The O-line man, they split that thing in the middle and it was like the Red Sea parted," laughed Jones. "I mean all of the credit to them, every single bit of it. I don't think a single guy touched me. So if they make the hole, man, I'll run my little butt off, I'll try and go score."

Jones, starting in place of the injured Isaiah Ifanse, held a previous career high in rushing of 47 yards. Ifanse will likely be back in the starting lineup Saturday at home against Norfolk State, but Jones is ready for whatever is asked of him the rest of the season.

And that fumble? Won't happen again if you ask Jones.

"I'm tired, I want to go get in the ice tub," laughed Jonese. "But I want to go get in the weight room tomorrow and just keep working, get this soreness out of me and do what I can do next weekend to just be there for the team in any role I can be."

Jones gave a sly smile.

"But I want to get in the weight room and toughen up my biceps bit," he added. "And we'll be all right."