Special Olympics


'It's fun': Missoula's Jared Redeen soaking up athlete of the year award in Special Olympics

Posted at 4:07 PM, May 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-15 18:55:24-04

MISSOULA — Jared Redeen has been a long-time staple of Special Olympics Montana.

He began participating back in 2005, and competed for many years in Great Falls before the family recently moved to Missoula, but Jared fit right in in the Garden City.

"It's fun," he said.

And for all of his work put in, Jared was recognized with a major honor from Special Olympics Montana, as he was named the 2024 Athlete of the Year.

"You were pretty excited weren't you?" his father, Jeff Redeen, asked.

"Yeah," Jared said.

"We went to state basketball, that's when they give the Special Olympics athlete of the year and his name was announced and he was pretty excited," Jeff said.

Jared has won many awards over the years in Special Olympics.

He loves to be active and meet new friends through the Games while competing in bowling, golf, swimming and snow shoeing.

"Everything," Jared said about what he's proud of.

"I think he's pretty proud of the fact that he has a coat that has his name on it and the back says Athlete of the Year 2024," Jeff added. "He's pretty proud of that and they gave him like an award for it. It's pretty cool and he's pretty proud of that so I would say that is probably what he loves the most."

Jared will compete at the State Games in Billings in golf and swimming.

For his father, seeing him embrace Special Olympics has been special over the years.

"It's been really good, it's good to see his growth over the years and it's so awesome when he won athlete of the year because it was something that he wanted to do really bad and he did it on his own so we're all very proud of him," Jeff said.

The Games mean everything to him, as Jared even recited the oath, one he holds near and dear.

"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt," Jared said.