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“Just the worst two weeks:” Tony Romo to MTN Sports on Super Bowl elimination

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-23 22:41:09-05

BILLINGS – Super Bowl LIII will be televised on MTN stations across Montana one week from Sunday.

In terms of ratings, CBS was through the roof three days ago with the Chiefs-Patriots overtime finish. It marked the second-highest rating in 42 years since they’ve been keeping numbers, according to CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus on Wednesday. An estimated 54 million people watched.

Feb. 3 will mark the first time sportscasters Jim Nance and Tony Romo call a Super Bowl together.

MTN Sports had a chance to visit with both Wednesday in a conference call.

Asked if there was any point as a player after Romo was eliminated from the playoffs, if he could still stomach watching the Super Bowl, he admitted he’s in a lot better state of mind for this year’s game than he was with the Cowboys.

“When you lose in a playoff game, it’s always just the worst two weeks that you have,” he said. “And I think every player doesn’t really want to watch, but the fan in you … you love the game and it’s what you do for a living. So I ended up watching the game even though it’s hard. You still love the game at your core. I never really missed a game, because I just loved watching like everybody else.”

Romo was a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys but won only two of the six playoff games he appeared in.

Since retiring from the NFL, he’s turned heads at times during charity tournaments on the golf course as a near scratch player.

Any chance Nance grooms him to join The Master’s booth after this year’s Super Bowl?

Romo laughed: “No, my goal is to go ahead and just qualify, win a PGA tour event and play in it, so he has to announce it. But we may have to wait a few years on that one. We’ll see.”

Super Bowl LIII is scheduled to kick off Feb. 3 at 4:30 p.m. MST on all CBS TV stations.