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Bozeman's Lone Mountain summer programs flourishing but still in search of aquatics director

Lone Mountain Gymnastics
Posted at 2:03 PM, Jul 14, 2023

BOZEMAN — Lone Mountain in Bozeman offers a variety of summer activities for children, and these summer programs are booming.

They have a multitude of team members and coaches helping guide the young gymnasts and swimmers, but they’re also looking ahead to fill their a vacancy of aquatics director.

“We do gymnastics, we do dance, ninja, and we also have our swim lessons. We also have an preschool camp called ‘Kidventures,’ which is our 3-6 year olds," Lone Mountain co-owner and team coach Josh Burnham said. "They do lots of crafts and little bit of gymnastics. We have a camp that goes to the Parks, and that’s ages 6-12.”

If your child needs any type of summer activity, Lone Mountain has you covered.

The gym has felt that support from the community, not just in Bozeman where they’re located, but all across the surrounding areas.

“People that come from Livingston, from Belgrade, from Ennis, from Big Sky – all over the place," Josh Burnham said. "People that not only just do gymnastics, but they’ll come and do gymnastics, they’ll do ninja, and they’ll go to swimming. So they definitely get to all aspects of our program, and we feel very supported that they keep coming back.”

Their gymnastics program is taking off, not just the camps, but also the teams as the sport continues to grow its roots in the Treasure State and send athletes to the next level more than ever before.

But, one major vacancy they’ve been trying to find the right fit for is the director of their aquatics program.

“We have an aquatics program that has about 500 students in it, and we typically have our director that runs that program," Josh Burnham said. "Our director has moved on to become a teacher, which we’re sad that he’d going, but super excited that he’s going to be a great teacher. So now we’re looking for a new director, somebody who can fill that role to lead that program and teach those 500 kids.”

Being in charge of 500 kids is a major responsibility, and they’re looking for the perfect fit.

“Number one is being able to work with kids," Lone Mountain co-owner Jolene Burnham said. "The top skill that we look for is being able to be somebody who is here for the right reason which is the kids. And then naturally the skills within an aquatics program. Whether it be the lessons, the technical piece of the equipment and things like that.”

Most of the camps and lessons are taught by team members, who used to be students themselves.

Seeing the growth — that’s one of their favorite parts.

“That’s really the cool thing. We get kids who come in ‘Mindbenders,’ which is our active preschool at like three years old, and they will transition through our programs and end up swimming and then eventually on team, and they’ll be fifteen years old, and all of our staff will remember back when they were three, and now here they are at fifteen and they graduate," Josh Burnham said. "So, we feel like we have a big, lifelong commitment in all of our students.”

“We have some coaches behind us, who are current team members," Jolene Burnham said. "One of the biggest things we hear from them when they want to be involved in coaching, is, “I want to provide another kid the opportunity that I had.” So, they like giving back in that way too.

To learn more or get in contact with Lone Mountain head to their website.