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Last Chance Lacrosse Club helps seniors grow through the game

Last Chance Lacrosse Club helps seniors grow through the game
Posted at 8:18 PM, May 12, 2022

HELENA — East met West for the second time this season at East Helena High in Thursday’s crosstown lacrosse match. Not only was it crosstown, but it’s senior night.

During senior night, all of the Last Chance Lacrosse Club seniors were recognized including their girls team and the boys east and west teams, leaving coaches and parents proud.

“Oh man, we've got a great group of seniors we got a lot of guys that have been playing for a long time. It's been a real pleasure to coach them through the ranks. I've known a lot of these guys since they've were playing in fifth grade and coached a lot of them up and they look great. You know, we were ready really excited for the season and we're just really excited for for state this next week,” said West assistant coach, Nick Garcia.

Parents have noted how lacrosse has allowed their athletes to grow.

“Kara [Mortieau] is the team captain this year and she's learned to deal with all kinds of controversies with students or work with kids that are younger than her work with students that are her own age, or peers that are her own age. She's learned how to control situations where she is probably friends with that person but has to find that middle ground, which is really good for her,” said Lady Guardian senior parent, Lisa Mortieau.

East parent, David Eckerson, is most proud of the lessons lacrosse has taught his son

“[Logan] He never quits. Keeps going.”

West took the win over East 11-8.