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All-time list: Montanans selected in the NFL Draft

Marc Mariani
Posted at 2:01 PM, Apr 22, 2020

(Editor's note: This list was originally published prior to the 2020 NFL Draft. It's been updated to re-publish prior to the 2021 NFL Draft, which begins Thursday.)

Though a Montanan hasn't been selected in the NFL Draft since 2018 when Bozeman's Will Dissly was selected in the fourth round by the Seattle Seahawks, a number of Montanans have heard their name called during the selection process.

The list includes guys like Jerry Kramer who were born in the Treasure State but went on to play high school and college football elsewhere. It also includes players like Brock Osweiler who weren't born in Montana but excelled on the high school football fields here. And of course, there are also the born-and-raised Montanans -- guys who spent the majority of their childhood lives in Big Sky Country.

Montana and Montana State have produced draft picks from outside of Montana, as well, including their most-recent selections. Former UM pass rusher Tyrone Holmes, an Oregon native, and former MSU tight end Beau Sandland, a California product, were selected in the sixth and seventh rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft, respectively.

Eastern Montana College (now Montana State Billings) even had three players drafted in the 1960s and '70s: Lynn Ahrens, Paul Champlin and Bart Templeman. Don Heater, a Helena native, was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1972 after a Hall of Fame career at Montana Tech.

Montana has also had plenty of players reach the NFL as undrafted free agents. That list includes UM alums Tim Hauck and Colt Anderson, who both had long playing careers and are now on NFL coaching staffs. Casey FitzSimmons of Carroll College and Chris Horn of Rocky Mountain College also tasted the NFL as undrafted free agents.

A list of Montanans -- no matter how you define the term -- to be selected in past NFL drafts is below. Included in the list are players who were born in and/or played their high school football in Montana as well as out-of-state players who played their college football in Montana, according to's historic draft tracker. Players to sign as undrafted free agents are not included. Please send any mistakes or omissions to

Montanans selected in the NFL Draft

This includes players born in and/or who went to high school in Montana. Included are hometowns, positions and colleges as well as the teams who drafted them, the years, the rounds and picks, if available.

* Indicates a player who attended an in-state Montana college.

*Lynn Ahrens, Wolf Point, OT, Eastern Montana College -- San Diego Chargers, 1973 (Round 12, 293rd overall)
Frank Akins, Dutton, RB, Washington State -- Washington Redskins, 1943 (Round 28)
*Bob Banaugh, Missoula, DB, Montana State -- Minnesota Vikings, 1972 (Round 12, 310th overall)
Wayne Baker, Plains, DT, BYU -- San Francisco 49ers, 1975 (Round 3, 74th overall)
Ed Barker, Dillon, E, Washington State -- Los Angeles Rams, 1953 (Round 1)
*Ray Bauer, Great Falls, DE, Montana -- Green Bay Packers, 1951 (Round 14, 161st overall)
*Kroy Biermann, Hardin, DE, Montana -- Atlanta Falcons, 2008 (Round 5, 154th overall)
*Pat Bolton, Butte, K, Montana State -- Atlanta Falcons, 1976, Round 12, 329th overall)
Ed Breding, Billings, LB, Texas A&M -- Washington Redskins, 1967 (Round 15, 378th overall)
Shane Collins, Roundup/Bozeman, DE, Arizona State -- Washington Redskins, 1992 (Round 2, 47th overall)
*Scott Curry, Conrad/Valier, OT, Montana -- Green Bay Packers, 1999 (Round 6, 203rd overall)
*Barry Darrow, Deer Lodge/Great Falls, OT, Montana -- San Diego Chargers, 1973 (Round 17, 422nd overall)
Will Dissly, Bozeman, TE, Washington -- Seattle Seahawks, 2018 (Round 4, 120th overall)
Dylan Donahue, Billings, DE, West Georgia -- New York Jets, 2017 (Round 5, 181st overall)
Mitch Donahue, Billings, LB, Wyoming -- San Francisco 49ers, 1991 (Round 4, 95th overall)
Pat Donovan, Helena, OT, Stanford -- Dallas Cowboys, 1975 (Round 4, 90th overall)
Travis Dorsch, Bozeman, P, Purdue -- Cincinnati Bengals, 2002 (Round 4, 109th overall)
Dwan Edwards, Billings/Columbus, DT, Oregon State -- Baltimore Ravens, 2004 (Round 2, 51st overall)
*Terry Falcon, Culbertson, OG, Montana -- New England Patriots, 1978 (Round 8, 198th overall)
*Mark Fellows, Billings/Choteau, LB, Montana State -- San Diego Chargers, 1985 (Round 7, 196th overall)
*Pat Foster, Savage, DE, Montana -- Los Angeles Rams, 1988 (Round 9, 231st overall)
Mike Friede, Havre, WR, Indiana -- Detroit Lions, 1980 (Round 3, 62nd overall)
John Friesz, Missoula, QB, Idaho -- San Diego Chargers, 1990 (Round 6, 138th overall)
Bill Glennon, Billings, DE, Washington -- Pittsburgh Steelers, 1968 (Round 7, 189th overall)
*John Gregor, Shelby, OT, Montana -- Detroit Lions, 1961 (Round 18, 247th overall)
*Gary Gustafson, Simms, LB, Montana State -- Cincinnati Bengals, 1971 (Round 9, 223rd overall)
Wayne Hawkins, Fort Peck, OG, Pacific -- Denver Broncos, 1960
*Don Heater, Helena/Thompson Falls, RB, Montana Tech -- St. Louis Cardinals, 1972 (Round 6, 135th overall)
*Lex Hilliard, Kalispell, RB, Montana -- Miami Dolphins, 2008 (Round 6, 204th overall)
*Tom Kingsford, Missoula, QB, Montana -- San Francisco 49ers, 1951 (Round 24, 281st overall)
*Steve Kracher, Columbia Falls, RB, Montana State -- Minnesota Vikings, 1976 (Round 11, 316th overall)
Jerry Kramer, Jordan, OG, Idaho -- Green Bay Packers, 1958 (Round 4)
*Bob Lanning, Big Sandy, DE, Northern Montana State (now MSU-Northern) -- Pittsburgh Steelers, 1968 (Round 15, 390th overall)
*Bill Lazetich, Anaconda, WB, Montana -- Detroit Lions, 1939 (Round 14)
Milan Lazetich, Anaconda, OG, Michigan -- Cleveland Rams, 1945 (Round 2)
Pete Lazetich, Billings, DE, Stanford -- San Diego Chargers, 1972 (Round 2, 36th overall)
Ryan Leaf, Great Falls, QB, Washington State -- San Diego Chargers, 1998 (Round 1, 2nd overall)
Vic Lindskog, Roundup, OC, Stanford -- Philadelphia Eagles, 1942 (Round 2)
*Marc Mariani, Havre, WR, Montana -- Tennessee Titans, 2010 (Round 7, 222nd overall)
*Harold Maus, Hamilton, DE/TE, Montana -- Detroit Lions, 1953 (Round 30, 360th overall)
*Sam McCullum, Kalispell, WR, Montana State -- Minnesota Vikings, 1974 (Round 9, 232nd overall)
*Dylan McFarland, Kalispell, OT, Montana -- Buffalo Bills, 2004 (Round 7, 207th overall)
*Jim Murray, Anaconda, OT, Montana -- Los Angeles Rams, 1953 (Round 28, 336th overall)
Laurie Niemi, Red Lodge, OT, Washington State -- Washington Redskins, 1949 (Round 2)
*Len Noyes, Butte, OG, Montana -- Brooklyn Dodgers, 1938 (Round 6)
Rick Ogle, Bozeman, LB, Colorado -- St. Louis Cardinals, 1971 (Round 11, 277th overall)
Brock Osweiler, Kalispell, QB, Arizona State -- Denver Broncos, 2012 (Round 2, 57th overall)
*Mike Person, Glendive, OG, Montana State -- San Francisco 49ers, 2011 (Round 7, 239th overall)
*Milt Popovich, Butte, FB, Montana -- Chicago Cardinals, 1938 (Round 1)
Kerry Porter, Great Falls, RB, Washington State -- Buffalo Bills, 1987 (Round 7, 171st overall)
*Roy Robinson, Glasgow, RB, Montana -- Atlanta Falcons, 1970 (Round 9, 220th overall)
*Ron Rosenberg, Whitefish, LB, Montana -- Cincinnati Bengals, 1975 (Round 13, 326th overall)
*Brian Salonen, Glasgow/Great Falls, LB, Montana -- Dallas Cowboys, 1984 (Round 10, 278th overall)
*Shann Schillinger, Baker, DB, Montana -- Atlanta Falcons, 2010 (Round 6, 171st overall)
Donald Schwartz, Billings, DB, Washington State -- New Orleans Saints, 1978 (Round 4, 87th overall)
Ken Snelling, Musselshell, FB, UCLA -- Green Bay Packers, 1943 (Round 5)
Kevin Sweeney, Bozeman, QB, Fresno State -- Dallas Cowboys, 1987 (Round 7, 180th overall)
Steve Sweeney, Bozeman, WR, California -- Oakland Raiders, 1973 (Round 9, 231st overall)
*Mike Tilleman, Chinook, DT, Montana -- Minnesota Vikings, 1965 (Round 12)
*Kirk Timmer, Butte/Boulder, LB, Montana State -- New York Jets, 1987 (Round 11, 300th overall)
*Jordan Tripp, Missoula, LB, Montana -- Miami Dolphins, 2014 (Round 5, 171st overall)
*Ron Warzeka, Great Falls, DT, Montana State -- San Francisco 49ers, 1957 (Round 14)
*Corey Widmer, Bozeman, DT, Montana State -- New York Giants, 1992 (Round 7, 180th overall)
Keith Wortman, Billings, OL, Nebraska -- Green Bay Packers, 1972 (Round 10, 242nd overall)


This includes out-of-state players who played college football at the University of Montana.

Ron Baines, WR -- Buffalo Bills, 1969 (Round 10, 235th overall)
Guy Bingham, OC -- New York Jets, 1980 (Round 10, 260th overall)
Walt Brett, DE -- Atlanta Falcons, 1976 (Round 4, 102nd overall)
Cliff Burnett, DE -- San Diego Chargers, 1973 (Round 10, 239th overall)
Rich Burtness, OG -- Dallas Cowboys, 1982 (Round 12, 332nd overall)
Larry Clarkson, OL -- San Francisco 49ers, 1988 (Round 8, 219th overall)
Terry Dillon, DB -- Oakland Raiders, 1963
Aldo Forte, OG -- Chicago Bears, 1939 (Round 19)
Scott Gragg, OT -- New York Giants, 1995 (Round 2, 54th overall)
Justin Green, RB -- Baltimore Ravens, 2005 (Round 5, 158th overall)
Jim Hann, TE -- St. Louis Cardinals, 1973 (Round 16, 396th overall)
Tyrone Holmes, LB -- Jacksonville Jaguars, 2016 (Round 6, 181st overall)
Trumaine Johnson, CB -- St. Louis Rams, 2012 (Round 3, 65th overall)
Rocky Klever, TE -- New York Jets, 1982 (Round 9, 247th overall)
Brian Magnuson, RB -- Washington Redskins, 1968 (Round 8, 203rd overall)
Caleb McSurdy, LB -- Dallas Cowboys, 2012 (Round 7, 222nd overall)
Steve Okoniewski, DT -- Atlanta Falcons, 1972 (Round 2, 41st overall)
Brent Pease, QB -- Minnesota Vikings, 1987 (Round 11, 295th overall)
Willie Postler, OL -- Houston Oilers, 1972 (Round 9, 212th overall)
Mike Rice, WR -- New York Jets, 1987 (Round 8, 214th overall)
Paul Szakash, BB -- Detroit Lions, 1938 (Round 5)
Tuufuli Uperesa, OG -- Philadelphia Eagles, 1970 (Round 16, 396th overall)
Jimmy Wilson, DB -- Miami Dolphins, 2011 (Round 7, 235th overall)

Montana State

This includes out-of-state players who played college football at Montana State University.

Jon Borchardt, OG -- Buffalo Bills, 1979 (Round 3, 62nd overall)
Stuart Dodds, P -- San Diego Chargers, 1980 (Round 7, 191st overall)
Curt Farrier, DT -- Kansas City Chiefs, 1963
Wayne Hammond, DT -- Los Angeles Rams, 1975 (Round 5, 112th overall)
Randy Hickel, DB -- Minnesota Vikings, 1976 (Round 16, 457th overall)
Sean Hill, CB -- Miami Dolphins, 1994 (Round 7, 214th overall)
Frank Kalfoss, K -- Denver Broncos, 1970 (Round 17, 427th overall)
Bill Kollar, DT -- Cincinnati Bengals, 1974 (Round 1, 23rd overall)
John Taylor, DE -- Detroit Lions, 2002 (Round 4, 134th overall)
Joey Thomas, CB -- Green Bay Packers, 2004 (Round 3, 70th overall)
K.O. Trepanier, DE -- New Orleans Saints, 1968 (Round 13, 331st overall)
Beau Sandland, TE -- Carolina Panthers, 2016 (Round 7, 252nd overall)
Bob Schmitz, LB -- Pittsburgh Steelers, 1961 (Round 14)
Jan Stenerud, K -- Kansas City Chiefs, 1966
Lee Washburn, OG -- Dallas Cowboys, 1978 (Round 12, 334th overall)

Eastern Montana College (now Montana State Billings)

This includes out-of-state players who played college football at Eastern Montana College.

Paul Champlin, DB -- San Francisco 49ers, 1969 (Round 13, 328th overall)
Bart Templeman, OC -- San Francisco 49ers, 1967 (Round 16, 404th overall)

Western Montana College (now Montana Western)

This includes out-of-state players who played college football at Western Montana College.

Rich Hucke, DE -- New Orleans Saints, 1976 (Round 14, 379th overall)