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Shape Up Montana results

Posted at 9:26 PM, Jun 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-04 23:26:05-04

(BSSG media release)

BILLINGS – The Big Sky State Games has announced top finishers in this year’s Shape Up Montana competition including participants from Sidney, Billings, Belgrade and Helena.

At the close of its 17th year Shape Up Montana had 239 teams with over 2,600 members. The activity promotes healthful eating and a physically active lifestyle in a team format. Teams competed in two categories: Healthy Weight,as a result of healthy diet and physical activity, and Accumulated Activity, which is converted into miles.

The three-month program running February 1 – May 1, featured teams of 4 to 10 people working together to accumulate the most miles (mileage was converted from daily activities, like yard work, or housework and aerobic activity, such as swimming or walking, etc).

There were 239 Activity Teams (divided into Fresh Start, Total Fit and Family divisions) and 866 Healthy Weight individual participants committed to the program. Overall, the activity groups accumulated 565,273 total miles (travelling to the moon 2.4 times and going around the world 22.7 times).

Healthy Weight
In the weight loss division, the top 10 participants lost 14% of their weight.

Family Activity Results
Billings’ ‘Team McHuge’ was the overall winner in the Family Activity Division with an average of 735 miles for each of the ten members over a three month period. ‘Allen’s Angels’ from Billings came in second with an average of 669 miles for each of the five team members. ‘Spracklins’ of Sidney rounded out the three racking up an average of 477 miles for each of the four members.

Fresh Start Activity Results
‘DOWL Muscle Women’ from Billings was the overall winner in the Fresh Start Activity Division, racking up an average of 1,175 miles for its five team members. ‘Rocky Mountain Powerhouse’ of Helena, averaged 971 miles for each of the 6 members. In what might be SUM’s closest tie ever, ‘Thick to Thin’ of Gilford rounded out the top three in the division with an average of 893.35 miles for each of the 9 team members. Honorable mentions in the Fresh Start Division include TowHaul 2 and TowHaul 1 of Belgrade, finishing with 893.31 and 893.12 miles respectively.

Total Fit Activity Results
‘Bod Squad (Allen)”of Helena took the top spot in the Total Fit Activity category, averaging a total of 2,043 miles for each of the six team members. Coming in second was the ‘Coffeemates’ of Helena averaging 1,160 miles for each of the four team members. ‘Yin-Yang’ of Billings claimed third place with each of the nine team members averaging 763 miles.