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Missoula Hellgate celebrates 10 student-athletes with signing day ceremony

Posted at 3:13 PM, Feb 07, 2024

MISSOULA — Missoula Hellgate High School celebrated 10 student-athletes on national signing day Wednesday as each athlete athlete made their commitment official to take their talents to the college level.

Athletes signed in sports like soccer, swimming, track and field, cross country, golf, baseball and cheerleading.

"Honestly, I don't think it's like fully set in yet," said Alix Mund, who signed to compete in track and field at Boise State. "Once I get on campus and start practice like then I'll probably just cry buckets. Honestly, like it's just so surreal and I'm so grateful that this is the path that I've been led to."

"I think it kind of tied everything I've been working for together, like to see my hard work pay off," added Anna Stensrud, who will play golf at the University of Montana. "And it's really cool to see the hard work that everyone else has put into their sports too and kind of see where they all get to go also is really awesome."

While some are staying here in Montana, others are headed to states like Idaho, Washington, Illinois and Missouri for athletics, as they'll represent Missoula and Hellgate at each place they attend.

Signing day is always a fun time to celebrate the accomplishments of these students, and they're all excited for the next chapter and adventures they'll be sure to experience.

"It's been since day one," said Brennan Labbe, who will play baseball at Centralia College in Washington. "It's been the goal ever since I picked up a baseball. It's always been that dream that I've been chasing, is to play in college, and it's super cool to be able to see it pay off."

"It was definitely a goal for me, but I feel like in the last few years I've really taken a step towards actually playing somewhere in college and what that would kind of look like," added Chloe Anderson, who will play soccer at Whitman College in Washington. "Playing a college sport is really such a great balance and such an opportunity."

Here is the full list of student-athletes who signed at Hellgate on Wednesday:

  • Jillian Fontaine, Missouri Valley College, cheerleading
  • Brennan Labbe, Centralia College, baseball
  • Michael Schermerhorn, University of Puget Sound, swimming
  • Anna Stensrud, University of Montana, golf
  • Rose Wiltse, University of Chicago, cross country and track and field
  • Jaden Lumpkin, Skagit Valley College (Washington), soccer
  • Riley Lumpkin, Skagit Valley College, soccer
  • Chloe Anderson, Whitman College (Washington), soccer
  • Carmen Anderson, Central Washington University, soccer
  • Alix Mund, Boise State University, track and field