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Midland Roundtable Athlete of the Year: Meet the girls

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Posted at 2:05 PM, May 11, 2021

BILLINGS - The Midland Roundtable announces its male and female Athlete of the Year winners for Billings Wednesday night. Nominees were announced two weeks ago.

Each graduating senior has outstanding high school credentials. But numbers aside, here's some insight on the personality of each female finalist starting with Billings Senior's Olivia LeBeau on what she loves to binge watch.

Olivia LeBeau - Senior basketball, volleyball: "I really like true crime documentaries. I'm kind of a weirdo like that. I just finished Night Stalker, that was crazy. I definitely like to hold myself to a high standard and I want to get the most out of my teammates that I can. So, I guess I'm not afraid to tell them but I don't think I do it in a mean way."

Isabelle Erickson - Central basketball, volleyball: "When it comes to organization and stuff like that, I like things put together. I’m not super clean. My brother, I would consider him OCD because he cleans everything, puts everything away. So I think him being like that... I’ve stepped away from that because it drives me insane."

Molly Molvig - Central soccer, basketball, track: "I did gymnastics (growing up), but then I got stuck on a level where I was just doing cartwheels, and I was like, 'yeah I’m out. I’m out of this one.' So, I stopped doing gymnastics. But I think (my favorite) has been soccer, basically. Favorite moment or road trip? There were only four of us on the bus home from Whitefish after we lost (last season's State A semifinal), so that was a pretty memorable trip. And then we got stuck in Bozeman because of the roads. We watched Harry Potter -- we made it through five movies, I think."

Kendall Ellis - West basketball, soccer, track: Comparing soccer coach Rob Zimmerman and basketball coach Charlie Johnson: "When Rob first came I was definitely scared of him. But over the years, he’s such a great coach I love him, he’s awesome. He definitely makes us work hard and work for what we get. And yeah, Johnson, we always get to make fun of him. He’s always there just to laugh with us. But they both make sure the job gets done."

Kellan Wahl - Central track, soccer, basketball: "I do watch Netflix a lot. I used to watch The Office all the time before they took it off. I am also really into thrifting at Goodwill. I do that a lot which is not very good. The saving part is good, but because I go so much, I’m not really saving."

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