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Great Falls Central girls up the ante with blindfolded trick shot

Posted at 4:32 PM, Feb 12, 2019

GREAT FALLS — Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen several teams and athletes around Montana try to one up each other with trick shots in a viral social media trend called the #DuoChallenge.

There have been impressive submissions from the Valier boys and the Simms girls. Last week, the Helena girls went full Dude Perfect, with a Rube Goldberg machine like trick shot that drew attention from around the state.

But who is the patient zero of this trick shot arms race?

If Great Falls Central’s Sydney Hill is to be believed, she and her Mustang teammate Lauren Wilkins were the first Central Montana duo to try the #DuoChallenge.

The escalation was getting out of hand, so Hill and Wilkins decided to put an end to it by upping the ante.

Watch the video to see the results!

Lauren Wilkins (left) and Sydney Hill prepare for their trick shot challenge. (MTN SPORTS PHOTO)