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Gallatin County athletic directors Mark Ator, Toby Robinson discuss fall sports adjustments

Bozeman football championship
Posted at 7:49 PM, Aug 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-14 11:53:26-04

Big announcements came down from the MHSA on Thursday. The Montana High School Association executive board approved proposals Thursday to alter the Class AA fall sports seasons.

The Class AAmotion to remove non-conference competition from football, volleyball, soccer and cross country passed. The board also approved limiting golf meets to one-day events.

Bozeman and Gallatin High athletic director Mark Ator and Belgrade AD Toby Robinson discussed why the approved proposal was made. Mainly, it's to afford schools the opportunity to open and not have to worry about the fall sports season right away.

“The whole point was just to keep it within our conference. We don’t travel too far, we’re not going into all these different counties all over," said Robinson. "Just keep it within our counties."

As for feedback, most parents just want their children to have an opportunity to play.

“More than anything, they want their kids to play no matter what ," said Robinson.

As of right now, football games would only be able to have 50 people on the football field. This includes players, coaches, referees and the chain gang. That’s something the athletic directors would like some leeway on.

“Bozeman High runs 80 to 100 kids. The only reason we’re asking is to keep more kids involved," said Ator. "County health is the boss, so we’re going to work with them and work within the guidelines they give us.”

The athletic directors in Gallatin County are planning to come up with a plan for spectators to show a unified front.

“Spectatorship is going to be limited for all sports and something that we’re going to deal with," Ator said. "The big key is making sure everybody has the opportunity to play,”