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Bozeman wrestling claims third straight AA Duals title

Posted at 9:28 PM, Jan 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-20 00:49:10-05

GREAT FALLS – The Bozeman wrestling team claimed its third straight AA duals title in Great Falls, but this win came with a little bit of added drama.

The Hawks faced host Great Falls High in the first place dual, and the Bison put up a fight, leading 30-27 heading into the final match before a major decision from Sterling Quinn at 120 pounds lifted Bozeman to a 31-30 win.

Bozeman earned wins from Tayt Rogers, Coy Cohenour, Brock Rodrigues, Chance McLane, Leif Schroeder and Quinn.

Billings Senior claimed third place with a 52-18 dual win over Butte and Kalispell Flathead finished fifth, 37-25 over Missoula Big Sky.

Match results from the first- and third-place duals can be found below. Dual scores throughout the day are also below.

Bozeman (BOZ) def. Great Falls High (GFH) 31-30 (first place)

103: Dre Coles (GFH) over (BOZ) (for.)
113: Easton Shupe (GFH) over Felix Peterson (BOZ) (Dec. 6-3)
120: Tayt Rogers (BOZ) over Austin Phattavong (GFH) (Fall 3:28)
126: Sterling Quinn (BOZ) over Tyler Skinner (GFH) (MD 13-2)
132: Leif Schroeder (BOZ) over Braeden Lomas (GFH) (Fall 3:59)
138: Hayden Azure (GFH) def. Jaiden James (BOZ) (Fall 3:05)
145: Brock Rodrigues (BOZ) def. Cache Hilliard (GFH) (Fall 1:16)
152: Chance McLane (BOZ) def. Caden Hilliard (GFH) (TF 19-4)
160: Coy Cohenour (BOZ) def. Liam Swanson (GFH) (MD 15-4)
170: Tyson Krahe (GFH) def. Everest Klein (BOZ) (Dec. 3-2)
182: Noah Cannon (GFH) def. Kaelan Patten (BOZ) (TF 19-4)
205: Elijah Davis (GFH) def. Kaden Westlake (BOZ) (MD 8-0)
285: Ethan Deroche (GFH) def. Tom Walkup (BOZ) (Dec. 3-1)

Billings Senior (SEN) def. Butte (BUT) 52-18 (third place)

103: Jalen Vladic (SEN) def. Christian Sherman (BUT) (Dec. 7-4)
113: Alejandro Madrid (SEN) def. Wil Queer (BUT) (Fall 0:31)
120: Justen Unrein (SEN) def. Connor Konda (BUT) (Dec. 4-0)
126: Matthew Dewitt (SEN) def. (BUT) (For.)
132: Jayden Ramirez (SEN) def. Anthony Liva (BUT) (Fall 1:18)
138: (SEN) def. Dale Kent (BUT) (Fall 1:43)
145: Jahzriel Peak (SEN) def. Dylan Averyt (BUT) (Fall 3:23)
152: Thomas Klepps (SEN) def. Christian Vetter (BUT) (MD 17-5)
160: Carl Anderson (BUT) def. Isaiah Murch (SEN) (Fall 1:47)
170: Peyton Morton (SEN) def. Quinn Sullivan (BUT) (Fall 3:49)
182: Kole McGrath (BUT) def. Michael Ohlin (SEN) (Fall 1:13)
205: LeVarion Morin (BUT) def. Austin Endy (Fall 2:34)
285: Kyle Harding (BUT) def. (SEN) (Fall 0:43)

Butte 48, Kalispell Glacier 24
Billings Skyview 40, Helena Capital 30
Great Falls 72, Missoula Hellgate 6
Missoula Big Sky 46, Great Falls CMR 20
Billings Senior 48, Helena 30
Billings West 43, Missoula Sentinel 22

Great Falls CMR 72, Missoula Hellgate 6
Helena Capital 46, Kalispell Glacier 24
Missoula Sentinel 48, Helena 30
Kalispell Glacier 56, Missoula Hellgate 18
Great Falls CMR 45, Missoula Sentinel 27
Helena Capital 56, Helena 18
Helena 48, Missoula Hellgate 24
Helena Capital 52, Missoula Sentinel 24
Great Falls CMR 45, Kalispell Glacier 25

Kalispell Flathead 44, Butte 21
Great Falls 48, Billings Skyview 7
Missoula Big Sky 31, Billings Senior 29
Bozeman 46, Billings West 24

Butte 37, Missoula Big Sky 28
Billings Senior 38, Kalispell Flathead 31

Billings West 33, Billings Skyview 31

Kalispell Flathead 37, Missoula Big Sky 25

Billings Senior 52, Butte 18

Bozeman 31, Great Falls 30