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White Sulphur Springs' Cabry Taylor eyes first-place crown at state

White Sulphur's Cabry Taylor eyes first-place crown at state
Posted at 3:42 PM, Jan 12, 2022

BOZEMAN — Going into a wrestling tournament, the end goal for many wrestlers is that elusive first-place spot, and for White Sulphur Springs' Cabry Taylor that goal was no different.

Though Taylor fell short of that goal, finishing in fourth at the LeProwse Inviational on Saturday, both she and her head coach saw positives from the experience and a plan to move forward.

"It means a lot. I mean each tournament we're seeing progress and tough matches and that's what helps us to get better so that we can perform our best at state," said head coach Cody Taylor.

"Work harder in practice. Like today I didn't come out on top but just work harder in practice and maybe catch her at state or next tournament you know," said Cabry Taylor.

Though Cabry and Cody have a coach and wrestler relationship, there's an added twist with Cabry being Cody's daughter, but in Cody's mind there's absolutely zero difference in how he coaches her.

“I'm going to coach my daughter the same as everybody else. I mean, I'm, I'm right there telling them how good they're doing, and I'm right there telling them what they need to do better,” said Cody.

Even though the line between both relationships can be a murky one, they both feel like they handle it well. In Cabry's eyes, having her father in her corner is a great addition to her final year as a high school wrestler.

“I really love my dad. He's a really good coach and just a really good father," said Cabry. "He gives me tips at home and stuff and it really just helps me become a better wrestler.”

With time winding down on Cabry's high school career, a fourth place finish at the LeProwse invitational is nice, but what truly excites her has yet to come.

"State. I want to get a first place trophy at state," said Cabry with a chuckle.

"How likely do you think that is for yourself?" asked MTN Sports.

"I think it's likely. As long as I keep my head clear and focus and just work really hard in practice and at these tournaments to just get better."