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Open mind led Helena record-setter Logan Todorovich to Baylor track program

Logan Todorovich
Posted at 9:42 PM, Jan 12, 2024

HELENA — From Montana to Texas, Helena High standout Logan Todorovich made it official Wednesday when she committed to join the track and field program at Baylor University.

“I went to a ton of good schools, I mean, all of those programs (Indiana, Michigan State, Oregon State, Missouri) are super awesome," Todorovich, the all-class record holder in girls long jump, told MTN Sports. "But I think it came down to the feeling that I had in Waco.

"Baylor was a really good school, they have a great track program. Their coaches and the girls on the team, I think that it was for me."

Logan Todorovich
Helena High track and field standout Logan Todorovich, pictured with Bengals coach Jesse Zentz, right, and her father, left, will continue her career in college at Baylor.

Todorovich has been a major part of Helena's recent state-title run and she wants to make it three in a row before leaving.

"I’m really excited for my senior year, and being able to go there is really exciting and I’m just gonna try to enjoy it all," remarked Todorovich.

Todorovich signed her letter of intent to run track and field at Baylor during her most recent visit to campus.

“During my whole recruiting process I came in with a really big open mind. There are so many schools across the nation that are great schools and programs. Just coming in with an open mind and knowing that I can succeed at all of these schools and that all these schools have all the tools that I need to succeed," continued Todorovich.

"I think that was something that I needed to keep in mind, and being able to find where I belong the most is the most important (thing) to me.”

Her father and coach, Scott Todorovich, who was only able to attend one of his daughter’s many recruitment trips, confirmed how thrilled and proud the entire family is of Logan’s decision to compete at Baylor.

“It's pretty exciting for our family, it's something she's dreamed of her whole life, it's something that she's worked hard at, and to see it happen is pretty exciting," mentioned her father, who is a Dallas Cowboys fan and can't wait to get her down to Texas in August.

"It hasn’t been too difficult, because it’s been such a dream for her, to get comfortable with her being far away, so I think we're just focused on the excitement that comes with it. She’s got some pretty big goals yet to go and that’s a part of why I think she chose Baylor. They are a program that can get her opportunities (at the highest level) and that’s something they talked with her about and that’s an exciting thing for her and for the family."

Jesse Zentz, the Bengals' head track coach, has now had seven Helena High athletes sign to compete at the NCAA Division I level since taking over the program in 2021.

"Those other kids that have signed D-I, I think when she was really young, that provided a lot of inspiration for her and so to have mentors like that, it's been fantastic for her, and we have seen her grow into one of those people now and all the other girls look up to her the same way she did," said Zentz.

"It's going to really fun to see that unfold. We're going to be cheering for the green and gold," continued Zentz. "Just incredible that we have that kind of success for the kids, it just reflects what the program is all about and those programs don’t just look for good athletes, they look for good people, including Logan and I think that’s what really defines them."

Todorovich knows Waco is the place for her to continue to work towards achieving her goals.

“(The) Baylor coaching staff, I think they care a lot more about their athletes as people too, not just as athletes. But I think they also have a lot of experience and I think they know what they're doing and that’s something that’s really important to me because obviously I want to succeed as a person and (an) athlete when I go down there," she said.

Todorovich is excited for a variety of new things and new experiences as she embarks on the next phase of her journey. But one thing is for sure:

“I'm very excited, I won't be running in 30-degree weather or snow down in Waco, which will be really nice. I'm excited about being able to be outside pretty much year round, yes, in sustainable weather," added Todorovich. "I am very excited and thankful, it's going to be fun."