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Fairfield's Huhn sisters gaining more fans at every track meet

Posted at 9:11 PM, May 17, 2021

FAIRFIELD — It’s hard to miss Molly and Ava Huhn on the track.

They’re the ones in the Fairfield uniforms that are having more fun than anyone.

“Track is like so much fun,” Molly said while dancing.

They’re sisters with Down syndrome in their first year of varsity track at Fairfield. They sprint and jump, but where they really shine is in relays with Unified teammates Kaylee Buoma and Kyler Bake.

“It’s a lot of fun, it’s a good experience being able to be around these guys, they’re a lot of fun,” said Buoma. “To be able to experience this with them and have them have a normal high school experience with us is awesome.”

Everyone in Fairfield already loves Molly and Ava, but their infectious smiles and personalities earn them fans everywhere they go. In their first meet at Cut Bank, runners who finished ahead of them turned around to cheer on Molly as she ran the anchor leg for Fairfield.

It made for a special moment for their mother, Jodi Huhn, who serves as an assistant coach on the Eagles' track team.

“Our crew of kids are so great and inclusive, but when you see these other teams like Cut Bank and all the other teams getting into it and just clapping for them every time, as a mom it makes me feel good," Jodi explained. "I try to be tough about it all, but I enjoy it.”

“I crossed the finish line, and then I run fast,” Molly said. “I love it when they cheer.”

And the Huhn girls don’t let anything stop them from pushing for the finish line -- not intellectual disabilities, not even when Ava’s shoe fell off during her leg of the 4x100-meter relay. She briefly glanced back, and then proceeded to the finish line.

A spectator shouted: “You ran so fast you lost a shoe!”

Ava replied: “I know!”

And then she laughed. As did everyone.

Whether they finish first or last, the Fairfield Eagles relay team will always be winners.

“I love being a Fairfield Eagle,” Molly said proudly.