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Helena High wants to stay confident headed into state tournament

Helena High wants to stay confident headed into state tournament
Posted at 6:27 PM, May 26, 2021

HELENA — When the Helena High Bengals get to the Class AA state softball tournament, they'll take on the Billings West Golden Bears, the top seed out of the East, in their first game of the tournament. Though the Bengals have had some ups and downs this season, one thing that has never wavered for them is their commitment to one another.

"I think the chemistry we all have as a team definitely makes us a family, and we all just get along together," said Amber Countryman. "Because of that, I feel like our team chemistry also carries on to what we do on the field."

"We all are just pretty easygoing people. We don't hold a lot of grudges or anything, we're really there for one another," said Cassie Smith.

The Bengals finished their season at 13-11 overall and will head into the tournament as the No. 4 seed coming out of the West, and when the Bengals take on Billings West the key thing for them will be staying confident in their abilities.

"I think our team can do anything as long as we've got a little skip in our step and we really believe in one another," said Smith. "I don't think there's any doubt in our minds that we could do it and we could go all the way."

"I think we just got to show up and be confident. Personally, I think if we show up and we're confident and stick together as a team, we shouldn't have a problem," said Countryman.

As for how the Bengals think they’re going to feel in their first state tournament game in two years? Hopefully, no different than any other game.

"I'm expecting to feel how I always feel at every game. Hopefully, I don't get too nervous and I can just be calm when I step on the field," said Countryman.

The Bengals' first-round matchup against the Billings West Golden Bears starts on Thursday at 4 p.m. in Kalispell.