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Belgrade's Gabby Weber 'speechless' after receiving regional award

Gabby Weber
Posted at 4:05 PM, Mar 20, 2021

BELGRADE — Gabby Weber’s story of triumph over adversity is one known by many, so much so she received the National Federation of State High School Associations' Spirit of Sport Award for Section 8, representing not only Montana but five other states as well (Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska).

“I knew that NFHS did awards, but I had no idea that the Spirit of the Sport Award was even a thing," Weber said. "This is such a huge honor, and I’m super humbled that they chose me because there are plenty of athletes in the states that our section is that have had crazy comeback stories and have had to fight through some really tough times.”

This award was given to those “who exemplify the ideals of the positive spirit of sport that represents the core mission of education-based athletics," a description that describes Weber's journey to a T.

“It’s amazing that people are looking at me to inspire, motivate and represent our state and region," she said. "I’m super honored. I’m speechless that I won that, and it’s really cool, and it just goes to show you how excited Montana is about that and how we just rally behind each other and we’re just one big family. “

Weber will be recognized at the end of June in Florida at the NFHS Summer Meeting, where they will select a national “Spirit of Sport” recipient.

“That would be insane. To be nationally known for my story, that would leave me speechless probably," Weber said.

Weber is currently recovering from surgery earlier this year but is hopeful she’ll be back on the court soon playing basketball for Montana Western.

“We’re hopeful that I can ditch the left leg brace hopefully by the end of the summer, that’s the goal," she said. "If not, we’ll work our way around it and kind of find some other braces that might be more sport-specific, but that's the end goal -- to get back to the court, to get back to the game.”