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Living legend Mike Chavez shares words of wisdom with Lodge Grass boys

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Posted at 9:46 PM, Dec 06, 2021

LODGE GRASS — Mike Chavez's resume speaks for itself.

He’s a three-time state champion and three-time state tournament MVP. Monday afternoon the Montana basketball legend stopped by Lodge Grass to share some words of inspiration with the Indians, who are chasing their third consecutive State B title.

“My biggest thing is sharing knowledge. I’ve had experiences and been fortunate enough to be places for basketball. Part of that was hard work," Chavez told MTN Sports. "I try to come here – I come from the same background as all of these guys. I grew up in the same areas, so coming back and being able to try and teach a little about my experiences and show them what it takes to move on to the next level.”

“I always want to attach the boys to greatness. To attach to something larger than themselves – community, ‘Aashbacheeitche,’ Lodge Grass, the Valley of the Chiefs. If we can impact anybody else outside of here we want to do that. We want to connect with those who are on that level and we want to know how to do that. How did they get there? What did they do? What was their routine like? What were their workouts like? What was their mindset like?" Lodge Grass head coach Josh Stewart said. "I consider him a brother. He’s a relative, actually. The wealth of knowledge, experience – his resume speaks for itself – he’s done a lot. He knows the game. He loves the game. He’s always talking the game.”

As for Chavez’s message that he had to deliver on Monday?

“It’s a lot tougher for these younger guys know from when I played and teams in the past because social media and different things. There’s different pressure on them now. My thing is stick together. You guys are going to have highs and lows throughout the season, but the biggest thing is sticking together and sticking to your coaches, listening to your coaches. Don’t let outside influences dictate your guys’ play on the court," Chavez said.

Lodge Grass will begin its pursuit of a third consecutive title on Dec. 10 against Harlem in Lockwood.