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Helena High, Capital boys coaches reflect on season ahead of final matchup

Helena Capital boys rout Helena in road crosstown win
Posted at 4:55 PM, Feb 26, 2021

While it hasn’t been the season the Helena High boys basketball team had hoped for as it heads into its final game at 0-13, in the eyes of head coach Brandon Day this season has been one of growth.

“The end result is what's important and I feel like the boys have really bought into that and really have gotten better," said Day. "If you look at other teams that have not had much success over the season and look to see how they practiced and how hard they work later in the season, you might, you'll see a different team and that's one thing I'm so proud of.”

Over at Helena Capital, Guy Almquist said earlier in the year that this has been arguably one of the hardest for him. He also wants people to know that this year has also been one of the hardest for his players.

“It's really kind of amazing how our kids have adjusted to this schedule. You don't know how they will. But again, they're trying to deal with their family situations with COVID, they're trying to deal with school and the way school is and their learning right now. Basketball is just a small piece of the puzzle, and we lose sight of that," said Almquist. "They're dealing with an awful lot and they're doing such a great job. I'm proud of them.”

As the Bruins and Bengals get set to square off for the final time this year, though crosstown may not have its traditional standing room only atmosphere, both coaches noted they're just happy to have their kids out on the court.

“I also think maybe there's not quite the same pressure for the kids, I don't think they feel that same angst, so that's good and bad. You know, we wish we had fans able to watch us play and compete," said Almquist. "We're just thankful to be playing, you know? Bottom line to be able to get to this point in the season, because I didn't know if we'd get to this part of the year.”

The Bruins and Bengals will square off for the final time this year at Helena Capital at 3:45 p.m. Saturday.