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Carroll College football’s offense a work in progress

Posted at 10:51 PM, Apr 03, 2019

HELENA — The common phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility,” rings all too true for new Carroll College football head coach Troy Purcell. On top of his coaching and offensive coordinator duties, Purcell is coaching quarterbacks.

Given Purcell is new, right now is the time see what his players can do.

“They’re excited about the offense. There is a lot of stuff that we’re doing right now, just seeing what they can do well,” said Purcell. “I like [the quarterbacks], they got a lot of spunk, they got some good fire and they’re competitors, and I want them out there competing. There’s four of them, so go earn it.”

As for what kind of offense Purcell plans to run this fall, things are still up in the air, but he said he’s a fan of a particular offense.

“If they can run, I like the option game. I’m an option type guy, way back in the day when we used to play here a hundred years ago,” Purcell said, alluding to his time when he was a Fighting Saints running back. “I love that option game, I love misdirection, but, again, it’s what the quarterback, what their strengths are, and we’re going to build on and work on their weaknesses.”