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Providence, MSU-Northern compete at Battle of the Rockies duals

Posted at 10:54 PM, Dec 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-07 00:54:40-05

(Argo Athletics Media Release)

GREAT FALLS, Mont. – The University of Providence men's wresting team finished 2-1 in duals in the annual Battle of the Rockies Tournament.

In the first dual for the Argos, they defeated Dickinson State 35-8. They next defeated Simon Fraser 33-19, before falling 18-34 to San Francisco State.

"All in all it was a good day," interim head coach Steve Komac said. "We got a couple decent wins but it was also a really good experience to see that we have some work to do."

In the Dickinson State dual, the Argos fell behind early. The squad usually forfeits the 125 lb. weight class, but then lost the next two classes as well. However the middle weight class, led by Shonn Roberts, Casey Dobson and Gage Bentley helped regain the lead.

"Dickinson came out and wrestled really hard," Komac said. "I was really impressed with their team overall today. They won some matches down there in the lower weight classes and kind of put us in a hole. We hit the middle weights and started winning matches back. That middle class is where we got some veterans. Gage Bentley, in his first time wrestling all season, got a fall for us. Those guys in the middle, Shonn, Casey, and Gage did a great job catching us back up. Our upper weights just came through as they've been doing time and time again for us. We won the dual and I'm proud of the kids."

In the second match, the middle weight class carried the Argos again. Roberts, Dobson and Boone Giulo won three in a row to secure the lead. The Argos never looked back.

"In the second dual, a lot of the same stuff happened," Komac said. "We get into holes early and then we battle back. That's what happened in the Simon Fraser dual."

The Argos victories halted when they went up against San Francisco State. After the initial forfeit at 125, the Argos dropped the next two weight classes. Shonn Roberts got the Argos on the board, but then Maxamillian Schneider defeated Casey Dobson, stifling any momentum. John Hensely was the only other Argo to get a victory in the 197 lb. weight class.

"The last dual against San Francisco State was a really good dual for us because they hit us in the mouth and we didn't bounce back like we had been," Komac said. "They were a little tougher team, they are very used to wrestling Division I duals and competition. They came out and smacked us a little bit and I don't know that we fought back hard enough. That's probably a little bit of a good lesson for us because this is all training for the end of the season. We definitely left here tonight feeling like we certainly have more work to do."

Match #1 Providence (Mont) defeated Dickenson State 35-8

  • 125 - Unknown (Unattached) vs Dante Venema (Dickenson State)
  • 133 - Gresh Jones (Dickenson State) over Clayton Gilliam (Providence (Mont)) TB-1 14-9
  • 141 - Jaime Mullins (Dickenson State) over Christian Balagso (Providence (Mont)) TF 16-1
  • 149 - Shonn Roberts (Providence (Mont)) over Jacob Berg (Dickenson State) Fall 2:29
  • 157 - Casey Dobson (Providence (Mont)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 165 - Gage Bentley (Providence (Mont)) over Tate Nordby (Dickenson State) Fall 2:24
  • 174 - Alex Quick (Providence (Mont)) over Konrich Speelmon (Dickenson State) TF 23-8
  • 184 - Hayden Schrull (Providence (Mont)) over Kyle Anderson (Dickenson State) Fall 2:28
  • 197 - John Hensley (Providence (Mont)) over Payson Dirk (Dickenson State) Dec 9-3
  • 285 - Kc Buday (Providence (Mont)) over Ethan Goss-Dickie (Dickenson State) SV-1 9-7

Match #2 Providence (Mont) defeated Simon Fraser 33-19

  • 125 - Flixzl Reyes (Simon Fraser) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 133 - Clayton Gilliam (Providence (Mont)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 141 - Randy McDonald (Simon Fraser) over Christian Balagso (Providence (Mont)) Fall 1:12
  • 149 - Shonn Roberts (Providence (Mont)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 157 - Casey Dobson (Providence (Mont)) over Taber Spray (Simon Fraser) Dec 10-5
  • 165 - Boone Giulo (Providence (Mont)) over Zachary Stratton (Simon Fraser) Fall 1:42
  • 174 - Logan Nelson (Simon Fraser) over Alex Quick (Providence (Mont)) Maj 11-3
  • 184 - Hayden Schrull (Providence (Mont)) over Graham Fader (Simon Fraser) Fall 2:02
  • 197 - John Hensley (Providence (Mont)) over Conner Pattison (Simon Fraser) Fall 0:17
  • 285 - Taniela Feliciano-Takafua (Simon Fraser) over Kc Buday (Providence (Mont)) Dec 8-7

Match #3 San Francisco State defeated Providence (Mont) 34-18

  • 125 - Antonio Margiotta (San Francisco State) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 133 - Nathan Cervantez (San Francisco State) over Clayton Gilliam (Providence (Mont)) Dec 10-7
  • 141 - Alex Felix (San Francisco State) over Christian Balagso (Providence (Mont)) Fall 1:23
  • 149 - Shonn Roberts (Providence (Mont)) over Jeremy Huang (San Francisco State) Fall 1:12
  • 157 - Maxamillian Schneider (San Francisco State) over Casey Dobson (Providence (Mont)) Maj 12-4
  • 165 - Double Forfeit
  • 174 - Tyee Ducharme (San Francisco State) over Alex Quick (Providence (Mont)) TF 16-1
  • 184 - Justin Pichedwatana (San Francisco State) over Hayden Schrull (Providence (Mont)) Maj 13-3
  • 197 - John Hensley (Providence (Mont)) over John Chetwynd (San Francisco State) Fall 0:32
  • 285 - Justin Ramos (San Francisco State) over Kc Buday (Providence (Mont)) Fall 1:14
  • Providence (Mont)'s team score was adjusted by 6.0 for forfeit at 165

Match #1 MSU Northern defeated Northwest College 35-9

  • 125 - Rob Pair (MSU Northern) over Dawson Barfuss (Northwest College) Fall 2:45
  • 133 - Nick Kunz (MSU Northern) over William Fish (Northwest College) TF 18-0
  • 141 - Clayton Currier (MSU Northern) over Van Bray (Northwest College) Dec 4-0
  • 149 - Brayden Lowry (Northwest College) over Lane Paulson (MSU Northern) Fall 1:16
  • 157 - Double Forfeit
  • 165 - Jate Frost (Northwest College) over Caden Hilliard (MSU Northern) Dec 6-3
  • 174 - Chase Short (MSU Northern) over Porter Fox (Northwest College) Dec 14-7
  • 184 - Ethan Roetman (MSU Northern) over TJ Frazier (Northwest College) Fall 1:21
  • 197 - Isaac Bartel (MSU Northern) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 285 - Rylan Moldenhauer (MSU Northern) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #2 San Francisco State defeated MSU Northern 23-20

  • 125 - Rob Pair (MSU Northern) over Antonio Margiotta (San Francisco State) Fall 4:18
  • 133 - Nathan Cervantez (San Francisco State) over Landon Bailey (MSU Northern) Fall 1:25
  • 141 - Clayton Currier (MSU Northern) over Alex Felix (San Francisco State) Dec 4-2
  • 149 - Jeremy Huang (San Francisco State) over Lane Paulson (MSU Northern) Dec 10-4
  • 157 - Maxamillian Schneider (San Francisco State) over Caden Hilliard (MSU Northern) Fall 0:31
  • 165 - Double Forfeit
  • 174 - Chase Short (MSU Northern) over Tyee Ducharme (San Francisco State) TF 18-2
  • 184 - Justin Pichedwatana (San Francisco State) over Ethan Roetman (MSU Northern) TF 16-1
  • 197 - Isaac Bartel (MSU Northern) over John Chetwynd (San Francisco State) Fall 1:26
  • 285 - Justin Ramos (San Francisco State) over Jase Stokes (MSU Northern) Dec 6-4

Match #3 North Idaho College defeated MSU Northern 24-21

  • 125 - Isaac Lopez (North Idaho College) over Rob Pair (MSU Northern) Dec 8-5
  • 133 - Landon Bailey (MSU Northern) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 141 - Clayton Currier (MSU Northern) over Zachary Granly (North Idaho College) Fall 1:00
  • 149 - Lane Paulson (MSU Northern) over Alex Lopez (North Idaho College) SV-1 9-7
  • 157 - Salvador Silva (North Idaho College) over Caden Hilliard (MSU Northern) Dec 4-2
  • 165 - Richard Stuart (North Idaho College) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 174 - Navarro Nanpuya (North Idaho College) over Chase Short (MSU Northern) Dec 15-13
  • 184 - Isaac Gomez (North Idaho College) over Ethan Roetman (MSU Northern) Dec 8-6
  • 197 - Isaac Bartel (MSU Northern) over Zane Scott (North Idaho College) Fall 0:41
  • 285 - Cohle Feliciano (North Idaho College) over Jase Stokes (MSU Northern) Fall 3:39

The Battle of the Rockies will continue tomorrow at 9 a.m. and will end roughly around 4 p.m.