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Montana Tech legend Bob Green face masks now available to keep you safe

Part of Miner's Ball auction
Posted at 5:58 PM, May 21, 2020

BUTTE — Katie Green Panisko got a call from her mom and dad wondering if she had any face masks for the two of them so that they could do their part in keeping the community safe.

“We brought some masks of the disposable variety over and that kind of got me thinking, 'Well, I should make them masks,'" said Green Panisko.

Green Panisko is the daughter of Bob and Pam Green. The geriatric coach is quite the talker, so his daughter needed to come up with a mask design her dad would want to keep on his face.

“We gave them the disposable mask, but I thought, 'Here’s a disposable mask he will want to wear, because it’ll do the speaking for him, if that’s possible,'" Green Panisko said. "And then when I saw you could upload your own picture I immediately thought of the war face.”

One of Bob’s most recognizable portraits can now help keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic. It's safety with a sense of humor and creativity.

“I didn't think of it that way, but now that you’ve put it that way, absolutely, and it's really flattering that just a picture of his face could do that. ... This is a different time and changes need to be made, but Montana Tech is a great example of using this situation we’re in now to move forward in a positive way. Any way to kind of be creative and take that next step," Green Panisko said.

There are currently 20 Bob Green masks available through the Montana Tech Miner’s Ball auction. If the university sees a demand for the masks go up, more could be made available.

If you want to try getting your hands on a Bob Green face mask you can find links to the Miner’s Ball auction here: 2020 Miner's Ball Auction.