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Five Carroll College athletes allege Title IX violations against college

Posted at 6:12 PM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 20:20:06-05

HELENA -- Five Carroll College softball players, three current and two former, filed a lawsuit against the college alleging Title IX violations on Feb. 14.

The lawsuit alleges Carroll College violated Title IX regulations citing unequal provision of practice, training and competition facilities; funding and scholarship opportunities; and equipment and supplies.

The five plaintiffs identified themselves as players but withheld their names out of concern of retribution.

In regards to the facilities, the plaintiffs argue that, outside of the golf program, every men's athletic program has its own designated practice and competition facilities that do not have to be shared with the general public. The softball team practices and plays on a field managed by the city of Helena, which does not allow players to practice outside of set practice times, and is often left in disrepair throughout the softball season.

The suit also alleges, "the inequitable distribution of the athletic budget, lack of scholarships, and prohibition against female sport specific booster clubs limits the ability of female sports to recruit athletes."

A representative from Carroll said the college does not want to comment at this time because it has not had a chance to review the lawsuit.

Dylan McFarland, the attorney representing the five plaintiffs, said in a phone call to MTN Sports that he and his clients look forward to a response from Carroll.