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Warm up the bus: Superior hitting the road for 700-plus mile trip to Culbertson

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Posted at 12:22 PM, Nov 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-03 16:33:18-04

SUPERIOR — In Round 1 of the high school football playoffs, three teams topped the 500-mile one-way road trip mark. In Round 2, only one team hits that threshold.

But in a big way.

The Superior Bobcats (9-1) handled their business with a 52-6 home win over Forsyth in the first round. And now the bracket dictates that they must travel to Culbertson (8-1) for a date with the Cowboys.

The shortest distance between the two schools is 600 miles if traveling on state highways. But MTN Sports spoke to Superior principal Logan Lappe on Thursday who said the team will travel via interstate for safety purposes.

The distance?

A whopping 711 miles. Google maps estimates the trip will take 10 hours and 21 minutes.

According to Lappe, the team will leave Superior on Thursday afternoon and stay in Livingston overnight. The next day they will travel to Sidney where hotels are scarce due to a divisional volleyball tournament in town. The team will finish the trip to Culbertson on Saturday morning.

To put that trip in perspective, you could travel from Maine to North Carolina on the Eastern Seaboard and pass through New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia in less distance (705 miles).

That trip would pass through 12 states.

While Superior’s trip is an outlier, there are a lot of other long trips in the second round. Of the 25 road teams this weekend, 12 of them will travel more than 300 miles one-way.

The shortest trip of the weekend belongs to the Butte Bulldogs, who will make the 76-mile jaunt north up I-15 to face undefeated Helena Capital.

Check out the tables below for complete distances and travel times for Montana High School Association football playoff games as calculated by Google Maps.





Glacier at Bozeman

312 miles

5 hours, 2 mins

Gallatin at Helena

98 miles

1 hour, 40 mins

Butte at Helena Capital

76 miles

1 hours, 25 mins

Sentinel at West

345 miles

5 hours, 8 minutes


AVG: 208 miles

AVG: 3 hours, 19 mins





Whitefish at Hamilton

177 miles

3 hours, 31 mins

Dillon at Billings Central

255 miles

3 hours, 48 mins

Columbia Falls at Lewistown

317 miles

5 hours, 21 mins

Laurel at Polson

397 miles

5 hours, 54 mins


AVG: 287 miles

AVG: 4 hours, 39 mins





Loyola at Shepherd

363 miles

5 hours, 18 mins

Glasgow at Bigfork

435 miles

6 hours, 58 mins

Florence-Carlton at Huntley Project

384 miles

5 hours, 47 mins

Jefferson at Malta

319 miles

4 hours, 59 mins


AVG: 375 miles

AVG: 5 hours, 46 min





Belt at Drummond-Philipsburg

181 miles

3 hours, 14 mins

Superior at Culbertson

711 miles

10 hours, 21 mins

Fairfield at Joliet

330 miles

4 hours, 48 mins

Ennis at St. Ignatius 

234 miles

3 hours, 38 mins


AVG: 364 miles

AVG: 5 hours, 30 min





Broadview-Lavina at Roy-Winifred

156 miles

2 hours, 25 mins

Valier at Medicine Lake-Froid

418 miles

6 hours, 32 mins

Bridger at CJI

316 miles

5 hours, 1 min

Custer-Hysham at Big Sandy

246 miles

4 hours, 26 mins


AVG: 284 miles

AVG: 4 hours, 36 mins