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The entire Montana community comes together for the Troy Strong Blood Drive

Troy Strong Blood Drive
Posted at 5:11 PM, Jun 26, 2021

KALISPELL — Seven-year-old Troy Ross was diagnosed with a rare immune disease. He received over 90 blood transfusions. The entire Montana football community came together to help Troy fight for his life. And now, there's the Troy strong blood drive in honor of Troy, and it is put on throughout the whole state of Montana.

"Every week in 2017 he was in a hospital room every single week of the year. In 2018 he got to go every two weeks, every four and so far we're up to every eight weeks," said Wes Ross, Troy's dad.

Things are now looking up for Troy, the goal is that he will begin his remission starting January of 2022, but these past four years have not been easy for this seven year old, or the Ross family.

"Just, probably one of the darkest moments you can ever imagine watching your young son you know just fight for his life" Ross said.

When the Montana football community found out about Troy's story, the 406 rose up to the challenge.

"I just can't even begin to thank enough people. I used to work for Mark Samson at Great Falls high school, and he started this and he reached out to every single coach that I had ever played for" said Ross. "They sent out support, ranging from my old high school at Helena Capital, Mark's son was the head coach of Flathead high school up there in Kalispell at the time, Kyle, and he did a really nice shout out video that went viral."

If you know, or heard of Troy, you know that the two things he loves most is football and the Montana Grizzlies. So ask and you shall receive.

"Our first weekend out there the University Montana Grizzlies came and saw him in the intensive care unit," Ross said. "On their way to play the No. 4 team in the country at the time, Washington Huskies they decided they wanted to be in the intensive care unit with their buddy Troy."

This is now the fourth straight year that the Ross family is teaming up with American Red Cross to host a series of blood drives all throughout Montana in Troys name.

"We never thought in our wildest dreams that nine individuals who stepped up saved his life" said Ross. "We just never want to see there be a shortage to where somebody needs it, and it's not available."

Alex Cummings, Kyle Samson, the list goes on for the people in the community that stepped up and helped Troy and The Ross family says that they can't thank the Montana community enough for showing up and helping their son fight for his life.