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Brothers Davis help White Sulphur Springs along 6-Man playoffs

White Sulphur Springs
Posted at 12:22 PM, Oct 27, 2020

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS — En route to a 78-21 victory over Sunburst in the first round of the 6-Man football state playoffs, two players stood out for White Sulphur Springs.

Sam and Shaw Davis are twin brothers that play a large factor for the Hornets. In the win, Sam threw for seven touchdowns, while Shaw caught two passes for 69 yards and had two rushing touchdowns. The pair is helping lead the Hornets to what has the potential to be a deep playoff run, and the twins are just as happy to be able to do that with one another.

“It's awesome. I would not trade my brother for the world, he's an awesome brother to me and I love him,” said Shaw Davis.

“It's really fun. I really like playing with him. He gets annoying after a while, but I really love playing with them,” said Sam Davis.

Though Sam and Shaw are twins, that's also part of the sports dichotomy. Teams become like families, the players in that regard become de facto brothers, and both feel as strong of a bond to one another as they do to their teammates,

"It's awesome, I love playing with my family. All these guys are my brothers," said Sam. "I love playing with them."

Sam and Shaw spend a lot of time together between their home lives and their time on the football field. In any sibling relationship that will cause some strain, albeit minor annoyances most of the time, but strain nonetheless.

"We're brothers, you know, kind of fight a lot," said Shaw. "But in the end, we love each other and get after one another."

"A little bit, yeah. We fight more at home," Sam said with a light chuckle. "No, we're pretty good."

When the two are on the field, they flow in sync with one another, where if one falters, the other can normally pick up the slack. It’s not just the Davis twins that help bail out one another. The Hornets do an exceptional job of that as any good team should, and while the Davis twins are two major players for the hornets, they both know they can’t play 6-Man football with only two people.

If the Hornets plan on going deep into this year's 6-Man football playoffs, they’ll likely need some more of that brotherly love to help propel them.

White Sulphur Springs hosts Savage in a quarterfinal game at 1 p.m. Saturday.