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Helena High, Capital get set for regular-season crosstown finale

Posted at 2:16 PM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 17:38:10-04

HELENA -- It's crosstown time in the Capital City. Both Helena High and Helena Capital are looking to solidify their spots in the Western AA football playoffs, but, according to the players, the game really isn't about that. It's about hometown pride.

“Crosstown means bragging rights to me. I don't even talk to nobody on the other side of town," said Capital senior Tyler Little. "As long as I could say I beat the other school in the city, it's a good deal.”

Another key component of any crosstown match is the crowd, but not just any crowd, the student sections. While this year very few students will be in attendance, the game will go on, but those friends looking on will be sorely missed.

“We'll keep playing like we do," said Helena High senior Ethan Maxness. "But definitely, when everybody's back there and getting everybody hyped, we'll definitely be missing that.”

In a year unlike any other, it still is the final crosstown game for a handful of seniors on both teams. Some may choose to not think of it as such, but others are staring it head-on and taking the opportunity for what it’s worth.

“I have a bit," Helena Capital senior Tiegan Cozzie said about whether he's thought about this being his final crosstown football game. "It gets to me, but I’m just going to enjoy every moment and have fun.”

Others just want to stay healthy for the entire game.

“Never been able to finish a crosstown game, actually," laughed Helena High senior Dexter Tedesco. "Freshman year, I got concussed and then last year I broke my leg. Hopefully this year I'll be able to make it through, play a good game, and come out on top."

The Bengals and Bruins will square off at Vigilante Stadium on Friday at 7 p.m.