VIDEO: Highlights from every Cat-Griz game since 1986

Posted at 10:03 PM, Nov 21, 2019

MISSOULA -- One of the best parts of the Cat-Griz football rivalry is reminiscing about the games that have already been played.

From the players, to the big plays, to the victories and defeats, everyone has something from this rivalry that has stood out over the years.

We dug into the KPAX video archives this week and found many hidden gems, both digitally and analog. With help from KPAX director Greg Heintzman, we pieced together a highlights package with clips from every Cat-Griz game since 1986 from postgame recaps, coaches shows and live broadcasts.

What new memories will be added to the 119th installment of this rivalry on Saturday? That is yet to be determined. But until then, check out the video above and enjoy the trip down memory lane.