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Sonny Holland Classic shows Montana State's depth has strengthened going into next season

Chance Wilson Spring Game
Posted at 2:19 PM, Apr 23, 2023

BOZEMAN — On Saturday, the Bobcats took the field for the annual Sonny Holland Spring Classic.

Despite it just being the spring, you could already tell this team is ready to compete at the highest level once again come fall. Here are some key takeaways from the position groups and players that stood out most during the game:

Zac Crews has had a journey to get to his current role with the Bobcats, and the defensive back absolutely turned heads during the spring game.

“Playing defensive end for the first time, really good progression into spring, and I think everyone is full aware the type of athlete that he is," coach Brent Vigen said. "We’re glad to have him, and like I’ve said before he’s really integrated into our team.”

The quarterback room has a new face in Chance Wilson from Oklahoma. He left high school to join the Bobcats this spring a semester early.

Despite his team's loss in the spring game, he showed promise which includes putting his team on the board midway through the third quarter, with a drive down field and sweet finish to Garrett Coon.

“I think he flashes with his athleticism," Vigen said. "You know, throwing wise, he’s more than capable. Playing on a day like this in front of fans, it’s a big thing for a high school kid. He’s still a high school kid and can be going back to prom here if he really wanted to.”

“I think he’s a pretty steady-hand guy, so you know, I don’t think that it was too much for him, and that’s kind of what you wanted to see," Bobcats quarterback Tommy Mellott said. "That’s what he did do. And he’s a young guy, so he should still be a senior in high school. He got here early. I think he’s the second one ever at Montana State, so we’re excited about him. I know that he had a solid spring he got to learn a whole lot. It’s a step in the right direction.”

And for the group who protects the quarterback room, the offensive line, they have a different level of expectation compared to last.

This time around they’re respected and thought of as one of the best in the country, and plan to live up to that this fall.

“It’s for sure different," Mellott noted. "You had that chip on your shoulder last year and not much for expectations, and now it’s entirely different. I think that they’ll rise up to the occasion. I think they’re a close group that works super hard."

Mellott continued to explain how great this group he works with truly is.

"You know they stick with the people around them," he said referring to the offensive line. "They got that guy’s back, they got my back, they got the running back’s back, they got everyone on this team’s back, and so it’s just who they are. They’re super consistent, and I think they’ll be great with it.”

t’s just April, still months away from the next time these Cats will take the field in the fall, but it looks like there could be another deep playoff run.