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From SMU to Montana State, new special teams addition filling vacancies for Bobcats

Brendan Hall
Posted at 4:06 PM, Aug 04, 2023

BOZEMAN — Some of the biggest vacancies to fill for Montana State football this offseason was on special teams.

The uncertainties were around who would fill the roles for starting punter and kicker, but it seems the portal might have just brought the Bobcats their answer.

Brendan Hall, a 6-foot-9 junior transfer, spent his previous two seasons at SMU. His freshman year on the Hilltop was under the leadership of then head coach Sonny Dykes, who now holds that position at TCU and most recently lead them to the national title game.

“This kind of just seemed like the place," Hall said. "Great coaching staff, great engineering school, a chance to grow and learn more about myself in a place that’s far away from home different than I’ve ever been before.”

Coach Brent Vigen was quick to explain how impressed he was with Hall both before and after the first day of fall camp.

“He’s everything we thought as far as his leg strength," Vigen said. "You know, kicking off, he has experience in games kicking off for two seasons, and what I’ve seen it looks every bit impressive as we thought it would. And I think from a punting perspective, he punted two years ago at SMU, that’s been very impressive.”

Vigen is also very impressed with the type of person he is, off the field.

“Not only what he’s been able to show us psychically, but also who he is as a person," Vigen said. "Very determined young man, and very much about the craft of specialists.”

He also has the opportunity to win the job of place kicking along with kicking off and punting, something he has familiarity with and is willing to step up to the plate if won.

Mostly in high school, but also some in college.

“I’m also comfortable with that as well, and I feel like my freshman year I wasn’t, and then my sophomore year I was, and then now I’ll be ready to take that job if they’re ready for me to take it,” Hall said.

Wherever he is needed, it seems he’s more than prepared to step up to the plate.