Whitefish Bulldogs look forward to the rest of the season after dropping home opener

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Posted at 3:17 PM, Sep 02, 2022

WHITEFISH — With the first week of high school football in the books the Whitefish Bulldogs share their game plan and mentality moving forward with the rest of the season.

"We did a lot of learning on Friday night," said head coach Brett Bollweg. "We do a lot of learning every day, and I think we’re gonna continue to see us go up as we learn about what that’s like to play on Friday nights."

Something that coach Bollweg believes will continue to prove valuable in his first year as the head coach.

"It doesn’t always go the way you want, it doesn’t always go perfectly," said Bollweg. "And that’s life and that’s the beauty of this football thing is we get to teach them a little bit about life through this silly game we play between the white lines, so, it’s a beautiful thing."

And those life lessons can be seen in his players as they share their perspective looking forwards.

"Start heading up now, you know, lost game one, did some great things, did some bad things," said quarterback Fynn Ridgeway. "But I know that everyone’s kinda just, we’re ready to get going, ready to peak right now."

The exact kind of energy and confidence a coach wants to hear from his quarterback.

"I’m excited to get the first win under our belt," said Ridgeway with a smile. "You know we worked really hard during the off-season, two-a-days hit hard, and you know we’ve been working hard for a really long time. So I would just say getting the first win and getting this group excited is definitely what I’m looking forward to."

And that hard work is demanded more now than ever with the season underway.

"Biggest things we need to work on are probably just the little things," said defensive end/ running back Decker Wold. "Knowing wherever you’re going and where you should be and where you shouldn’t be."

And when it comes to rebounding from losing their season opener Wold shared his chip on the shoulder mentality.

"Can be a good and bad thing and I think we’re taking it the good way right now," said Wold. "Getting ready for the rest of the season and I think we have a lot of potential, it’s just what we do with our potential and how good we end up being."