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Montana's Man in the Can: Zooming with Flint Rasmussen

Posted at 5:44 PM, Apr 17, 2020

BILLINGS -- The good news is, Flint's not running out of makeup.

Montana's homegrown funnyman Flint Rasmussen "is perhaps the most famous 'rodeo clown' or 'rodeo barrelman' in the sport of bull riding," according to his Wikipedia page. Yep, the former Choteau teacher has his own Wikipedia page.

In a chat with MTN Sports' Brandon Sullivan, Rasmussen says he's hanging out, and hanging in there, like the rest of us during this quarantine. Sullivan's new series 'People Zooming with People While Stuck at Home During a Pandemic' features the Professional Bull Riders' knockout entertainer delivering candid insight ranging from how he's dodging boredom to his favorite drink.