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Kruse couple talks Augusta Rodeo, all-around win, family

Kruse Couple talks Augusta Rodeo, All-Around win, family
Posted at 1:55 PM, Jun 27, 2022

AUGUSTA — Sunday at the Augusta Rodeo, both Lindsay (barrel racing) and Jesse Kruse (bronc riding, team roping) competed. Jesse ended up winning the all-around.

In order to win the all-around, cowboys had to be entered in a rough stock and timed event. Kruse came in second in saddle bronc riding with 77 points, and competed in team roping to secure the all-around title for his second time at Augusta, his first being in 2018.

Jesse has undergone knee and hip surgeries within the past years, so winning the all-around title was a big deal for him.

“Oh, it feels amazing. It's been a long time since I've ridden good and not you know, so far this year, it's been going really good. Need to work on my mark out a little bit, but I'm riding decent and things are better than the last few years,” Jesse said.

And though Lindsay did not place in the barrels on Sunday, she was pleased with her performance, and her new five-year-old mare, Foxy.

Lindsay Kruse and Foxy
Lindsay Kruse and Foxy

“I was very happy with it. Because usually when they're young like that you need to, you know, get them in the arena and kind of work the barrels, because they don't know much because they're learning, kind of seasoning, is what they call it. And I didn't get to do any of that today. So very happy with her performance,” she said.

The Kruses had their first go at the Augusta Rodeo back in 2007 and it’s always been special for them.

“I think it's for sure one we never want to miss because as you can tell the turnout and you know, it's just a good small town, big rodeo that you get to go to for one of our circuit rodeos. So as far as you know, I guess capacity-wise, it's pretty big for Montana,” Lindsay said.

“Yeah. That and I grew up here so you know, it kind of hits home getting to come back, see everybody and you know, guess it's usually a large time so it's fun,” Jesse added.

And now with three kids, rodeo days spent together have become even more important.

“I feel like it's a family event. And you know, you can support each other when one's doing good. One's not doing good. And, you know, tried to get him through the tough times and made it worth it. So it's fun,” Lindsay said.

“Ditto. No, it's pretty cool. They get the rodeo and you know, a lot of people don't get to take their kids and wife to work and you know, just like she said it's special and you get the rodeo with your family and spend all day every day with your family so it doesn't get much better,” Jesse added.

And now, the Kruses will hit the road again for what they call “Cowboy Christmas."

“So I kind of entered him up a little bit more than me. Just because I, you know, have a younger horse. I'm trying to season so I'm just doing circuit rodeos. But he heads to Greeley this week, St. Paul, Oregon. And then, gosh, Belle Fourche, Mandan, Red Lodge, Livingston, Cody. I mean, I've got him entered up almost every day, if not a few in one day, and I’m doing about half of that. Just sticking to Montana,” Lindsay said.