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Brash Rodeo in Columbia Falls in full swing for the summer

Posted at 6:50 PM, Jun 21, 2024

COLUMBIA FALLS — It's officially summer, and that means it's officially rodeo season.

Fans and contestants from across the Treasure State showed up to the weekly Brash Rodeo this week in Colombia Falls to get a taste of the action.

"It's pretty crazy, I love it though, it's really exciting," said Kenai, Alaska, native Ryder Cunningham. "I have a lot of respect for athletes, I think it's just great when people get out there and you know put their lives on the line a little bit too, it's very impressive. It's scary work and it's hard work."

And one of those contestants putting his life on the line was 9-year-old bareback rider Tristan Hutchinson from Grasmere, British Columbia.

"Actually, my first ride was here," said a proud Hutchinson, who won a $52 check. "I came in second."
Bryson Carter has been working at the Brash Rodeo for three years. When it comes to the crowds he gets to see all summer long every Thursday night, he knows they can’t be beat.

"The crowds are beautiful, I love the people," said Carter. "I really love the crowds, they're really energetic."

And two of those crowd members were the Dunne sisters, who live in Columbia Falls and have been coming to the Brash Rodeo every summer for years.

"Everyone here is like more nicer and bubbly," said Ashley Dunne. "And they make you feel at home."

Her younger sister Jordyn shared a similar sentiment about all the great people in attendance, but knows nothing beats the thrill of rodeo.

"The adrenaline," said the younger Dunne sister with a smile. "It's like crazy to watch people and how crazy they are on animals."

As for Cunningham who was attending his first ever rodeo, his expectations were surpassed.

"It is different than what I thought it was, and again I was pretty much clueless before about an hour and a half ago," said Cunningham.

"But I definitely say it's exceeded them. I was really surprised with how much energy there is. I thought there'd be a little bit more lull, but it's really something else, you know, you got to see it."

The Brash Rodeo will continue to offer the perfect place for rodeo fans to yee some haws and hoot some hollers every Thursday night for the rest of summer at the Blue Moon Arena between Whitefish and Columbia Falls.