"It lights me up": Olympian Maggie Voisin skis with kids at Whitefish Mountain Resort

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Maggie Voisin
Maggie Voisin
Ski with Maggie
Emma Lawerence
Posted at 11:38 AM, Dec 29, 2022

WHITEFISH — It's not very often you get the opportunity to ski with an Olympian.

Well for some lucky kids that came true when they spent Wednesday afternoon with Whitefish native Maggie Voisin.

Voisin took some time off from her X Games training to spend the day at her home base Whitefish Mountain Resort and spend the afternoon with kids taking pictures, signing autographs — and of course skiing on the slopes.

Maggie Voisin
Olympian and Whitefish native Maggie Voisin spent Dec. 28, 2022, at Whitefish Mountain Resort asking with kids.

“I look forward to it, I love it! Skiing with the kids lights me up, it gets me excited for the season and really brings me back to like that true excitement and meaning of what skiing means to me,” Voisin said.

Even though the three-time Olympian has had her fair share of thrills and adventure on the slopes, she told MTN News that nothing brings her more joy than skiing with kids in her hometown.

Ski with Maggie
The annual Ski with Maggie event was held on Dec. 28, 2022, at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

“Just to see the excitement and that stoke that these kids have, and then today we were skiing on chair three which is where I started my slope-style-career...and just to see these kids hiking and getting excited and trying new tricks, it really brings me back to my roots and to my love and passion for what I do.”

The kids were out in full force and couldn’t have been more excited to get the chance to ski with Voisin.

“My favorite part about getting to meet her is just; well it was just fun and it’s cool that she’s just up here hanging with kids,” said 10-year-old Emma Lawrance.

Emma Lawerence
10-year-old Emma Lawrance said she how special it is to have the chance to ski with one of her inspirations.

Lawrance has been skiing at the resort since she was three years old and knows how special it is to have the chance to ski with one of her inspirations, "it’s really fun and it’s really special cause this has never happened before to me.”

Voisin will continue to represent Whitefish and Montana in her tenth X Games this year and will no doubt spend more time in the community and on the mountain she calls home.