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New Whitefish chairlift construction continues to make strides to be ready for this upcoming winter

Helicopter transporting concrete
Posted at 9:58 PM, Jul 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 18:46:06-04

WHITEFISH — While it may be the middle of July, Whitefish Mountain Resort is already preparing for the winter with the construction of its new six-person chairlift.

"We’re on track to get this new chair four up and running in time for the next ski season, so we’re really excited about that," said Whitefish Mountain Resort PR Manager, Chad Sokol. "It’s going to be our first six pack chairlift and it should make a huge difference on the way this mountain operates."

This new lift is expected to help tremendously with ski and snowboard traffic and is estimated to shuttle 2,200 guests per hour.

"That’s gonna be a game changer for us because folks will not have to take just chair six and then stop and then chair one to get to those upper elevations," said Sokol.

As anticipation builds, construction entered its latest phase with a Black Hawk helicopter pouring wet concrete for the upper terminal and towers.

"It’s quite the scene to behold, lots of moving parts to make that work happen," exclaimed Sokol. "We have a couple more fly days in the works, folks should be on the lookout for potential closures while that work is under way."

Locals like Stumptown Snowboards Manager, Dylan Parr, are certainly looking forward to having the new lift for the upcoming season.

"I think primarily it’ll impact you know the tourists, busy season, through the holidays, just being able to relieve a lot of the pressure off of the chair one lift line," said Parr.

Like many others Parr has noticed the increases in tourists throughout Whitefish year after year.

"It’s no secret anymore that we’re a popular place and we got a lot of people traveling here," said Parr with a smile, "and we see it, people coming through the shop everyday."

With more and more skiers and snowboarders each season, this new lift will provide much-desired relief for those spending their winter on the mountain.

"I think it’ll be nice for us selfishly and you know personally to be able to have a little bit shorter lift line at chair one to where we can kinda get out and enjoy the mountain ourselves a little bit easier," said Parr.

With construction underway, resort managers already feel it's making a difference.

"We’re just really excited to invest so much in a project like this," said Sokol with enthusiasm. "We think it’s gonna make a huge difference in the way people experience this mountain and enjoy Whitefish Mountain Resort."

Even though it may be summertime now, there is certainly much to look forward to at Whitefish Mountain Resort this winter.