Legacy Bike Park is the perfect place for mountain bikers to ride the trails and catch some air

Posted at 7:41 PM, Jul 25, 2022

LAKESIDE — Mountain biking has to be one of the most exhilarating sports a person can do and the newly founded Legacy Bike Park has been more than happy to provide people from all over with the perfect place to enjoy the sport.

"We conceived of this two years ago, almost to the day," said owner and trail builder, Pete Costain. "Marty and I came out here and E-biked around this property, and we were like, ‘You know, I think you could do a bike park here.'"

And two years later they have accomplished exactly that.

"I feel like you can always look at a local scene and something can be done better," stated Costain. "You know we love the mountain, we love Spencer, we love the Whitefish trail, but there wasn’t really a venue that you could learn to catch air on your bike."

But Costain isn't the only one who sees that the community that's been built is what makes this place special.

"At every level there’s so many people that are encouraging that you can ride with and behind," said one of the founders, Dave Radatti. "And those tips that they give you, it’s like every run you feel yourself getting better."

Creating such a tight-knit community and providing opportunities for riders is the goal Legacy has set, and is fulfilling, for themselves.

"Setting up a platform for folks to progress at every level," said one of the other founders, Marty Beale. "The kids that are starting here at six and sending it already, where are they going to be by the age ten, where are they going to be by age 16."

While seeing the growth in riders is beyond rewarding, it’s the smiles that are Beale’s favorite part.

"Coming down and turning over my shoulder and watching person after person come down just grinning, and just like that stoke, having that many people that excited," said Beale with a huge smile on his face.

With riders already coming from as far as Colorado to British Columbia, Beale lays out what all future visitors can expect.

"I would just say get ready to laugh and have so many smiles, and grins, and fives, that you may not be expecting that you know," said Beale.

The new park already has over a dozen trails with more to come, and multiple shuttles running riders up the mountain for some of the best trails and jumps you can find in Montana.