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Signature Series: Forsyth Country Club a paradise for great wedge players

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jul 02, 2020

FORSYTH -- They try to make it so simple: hit the ball straight, stay below the hole and you’ll be able to score well. Spray your shots around and it could be a long day at Forsyth Country Club

“Really, the course is a short course. It’s 5,900 yards roughly," Forsyth Country Club head greenskeeper Grayson Kunst said. "Can you get in trouble here? Yeah, you can. There’s a lot of out of bounds on the right side generally. For the most part, it’s pretty wide open, but it’s rewarding for those people that hit the ball straight as possible.”

There are a couple driveable par 4s, but it’s all about risk-reward for players. The Par-4 18th only plays 318 yards from the deepest set of tees, but there’s enough trouble to make players consider hitting iron off the tee.

“I’d say most the trouble, again, is if you go long. If you hit in a spot where you can’t get close enough to get to the pin to make the birdie you’re trying to get to, it’s not really worth hitting a driver," Kunst said. "Especially here on 18, where we have water short right, short left, out of bounds down the whole right side, as well as long and the whole backside of the green, you could find yourself in a rotten spot trying to hit driver.”

If you choose to lay up on the 18th, your approach shot will be well-protected by the two water features. Any golfer knows that water can play tricks on you while you stand over your ball.

“Especially when you move the pin closer to that right side, one where the water is right up next to the green, yeah, there’s a mental hurdle there. But at the same time the green is big enough, there’s plenty of room," Kunst said. "Like any other golf course you play, you should try to hit the ball where it needs to be in order to make a good score. But if the pin is in a tough spot you have to try it, don’t you? That’s where the fun is at.”

Forsyth Country Club is a potential paradise for strong wedge players, but be careful when you get on the greens. There are a few that can be quite treacherous.