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Rodgers and DeChambeau dominate as scenic Big Sky shines during TBS broadcast of 'The Match'

Moonlight Basin eager to show off The Reserve golf course for 'The Match'
Posted at 8:51 PM, Jul 06, 2021

BIG SKY — On Tuesday, Big Sky’s The Reserve at Moonlight Basin golf course hosted ‘The Match', providing stunning views for all who tuned in to watch.

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Championship winning-quarterback Aaron Rodgers was paired with 2020 U.S. Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau as they faced off against golf legend Phil Mickelson and seven-time Super Bowl Winner Tom Brady in alternate shot match play.

Rodgers and Dechambeau pulled away on the back nine to seal the win with a Rodgers birdie on hole 16.

The course at Big Sky, which was designed by Jack Nicklaus, sits in a corridor surrounded by mountains like Lone Peak and Fan Mountain.

On social media you could find a lot of people talking about the competitors, but most were in awe of Montana's beauty and how they would love to travel to the state.

DeChambeau and Rodgers who came in as (-175) betting favorites, took hole No.1 on a chip in by the PGA tour player.

Early on, TBS brought on the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. One of the foundations benefiting from the charity is My Brother's Keeper Alliance, part of the Obama Foundation. He didn't rule out the chance to one day play in 'The Match.'

It didn't take long for Mickelson and Brady to tie it up. On hole three, after a magnificent drive to the green by DeChambeau on the par-4, Tom Brady hit it even closer.

Brady and Mickelson would birdie and DeChambeau would miss a close shot to tie the hole.

Mickelson and Brady took the lead on hole five. Rodgers and DeChambeau came back on hole eight. The hole is a 777-yard par-5 where golfers can reach the green in two shots. DeChambeau's drive went 480 yards, and Rodgers' went 430. After finding a couple of bunkers, Brady and Mickelson would concede the hole. Perhaps the most memorable part was TBS showing the wildlife near the course as a bear made an appearance.

DeChambeau and Rodgers birdied holes 10, 11 and 12 to put them three up with seven holes to play. Riding around to find his ball on hole 11, Rodgers was asked the question everyone wanted to know, will he be the Green Bay Packers quarterback for this upcoming season?

"I'm just out here trying to have a good time with Tom," said Rodgers.

Rodgers and DeChambeau were in control the rest of the way. Up two on the 16th hole, the Green Bay Packers quarterback ended up nailing a birdie to put them up three holes with only two holes left to play to give them a victory.

'The Match' was all about donating to charity and the event was able to donate $2.6 million. By the time TBS ended the broadcast, 6.3 million meals were going to be donated to Feeding America.