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No spring swings: Indoor golf the reality in Red Lodge as weather refuses to cooperate

Posted at 3:27 PM, Mar 28, 2023

RED LODGE — Indoor golf is the reality for Red Lodge's high school team, at least for the next few weeks, as Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course is blanketed with snow.

That's a less than ideal situation, especially with in-season meets lurking.

"I think last year we got out eight times, so the meets are huge for us in terms of getting outside, on the driving range and getting better," head coach Adam White said. "I truly think we're just catching our stride when state comes around just by the time we get outside that many times."

As much physical skill is involved in golf, it's equally important to be mentally tough. It's key for Rams golfers to manage their expectations, especially considering they haven't seen the flight path of a single ball yet.

"They're hitting into the nets, then they get outside and the slice and the hook comes into play," White said. "I'd say they're pretty confident, but then it pops their bubble pretty good the time that first meet comes around."

The first time Red Lodge plays outside could very well be at the first meet on April 6. So what do they see as the biggest flaw in their game when moving outdoors?

"We putt just on foam mats, so that's really difficult. It's the exact same speed every day. When you go outside, the greens change speeds. You hit it one day and it will go further another day," Allie Kuntz said. "That's probably the most difficult, we just don't get a feel for the greens, those big breaks and just playing on a variety of greens."

"Just off the tee box, especially. We don't get to hit drivers inside, so that slice really comes into play the first time you hit it with all your clubs. That PVC pipe doesn't do it," said Walker Boos.

Get this — the countdown to the State B golf tournament in Shelby is inside eight weeks. That's not a lot of time for the Rams to get their hacks in.