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Despite shorter season, State B champion Ross Sonday keeps golf game sharp

Ross Sonday Red Lodge.png
Posted at 4:17 PM, Jun 08, 2022

RED LODGE — Red Lodge junior-to-be Ross Sonday is a State B golf champion after firing a two-day total of 156 at Fairmont Golf Course last month.

But Sonday says his game is just beginning to scratch the surface of what it could be.

“Going to Fairmont, I felt pretty good. My swing wasn’t great at the time, but my short game and inside of 120 yards was just on and that was definitely the difference maker for sure," Sonday said.

That’s because Sonday is used to spring state tournaments, having moved from Tennessee to Red Lodge last June. His family had visited Red Lodge a handful of times before moving, so Sonday knew he was in for a short golf season. With that in mind, he kept his game sharp throughout the winter.

“I did a lot of practice inside. I set up a net inside my garage, or inside my barn I should say," Sonday said of his at-home setup. "Then in the high school we had a net set up in the mezzanine. I just practiced putting at my house in my room. I also work out a lot, so that definitely helps just maintaining my physique and all that.”

Now with the snow cleared from his home course, you can expect to find Sonday honing his skills for hours at a time.

“In the summer, I’m out here – I work in the summer so it’s not consistent every single day – I’ll come out here for anywhere from six to eight, I’ve spent 10 hours out here on the course before," said Sonday.

Next spring Sonday will chase a second State B golf title, but his immediate focus is on several summer tournaments, including the State Junior Championships June 20 and 21 at Laurel Golf Club.