Columbia Falls football hot start to the year headlined by head coach & quarterback Schweikert father-son duo

Posted at 1:33 PM, Sep 15, 2022

COLUMBIA FALLS — The Columbia Falls Wildcats have started their season 3 -0 and a large portion of that success can be attributed to the head coach and quarterback Schweikert family duo.

"You know the best football players are usually the guys that can take the most punishment and keep going," said Columbia Falls head football coach Jaxson Schweikert.

A philosophy that Schweikert has instilled in all the teams and players he’s coached in his 30 years doing so, especially his son Cody.

"He’s just a big teddy bear, you know he’s a 6’4, 225lb quarterback and he works really hard," said the senior Schweikert of his son. "We push him really hard, we expect a lot out of him while we drill him, I mean from everything and anything."

A standard his son has been up to the challenge for.

"It’s definitely tough, a lot of pressure from especially fans going, ‘oh ya he’s just the coaches kid,’" said Cody Schweikert. "But I feel like I’ve earned my spot now and my teammates I feel like respect me so it feels good."

And despite being a junior second year starting quarterback the intensity hasn’t skipped a beat.

"Right now it’s competitions every day of everyone trying to get better," said the younger Schweikert. "And they know if they’re off a day, someone’s coming for their spot so things definitely been a lot more intense and everyone’s getting after it every day."

And while the Schweikert father-son duo has proven to be an instrumental part of the team at the end of the day it’s all about the team and football.

"You know really just working hard at practice all week and just wanting to win. Just wanting so bad to win and just be like alright, ‘I need to win let’s do it,'" said junior team captain Hunter Goodman.