Columbia Falls' Elizabeth Wasserman looking for repeat at Missoula Marathon

Elizabeth Wasserman Win.jpg
Posted at 5:58 PM, Jun 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-22 13:29:19-04

COLUMBIA FALLS — Last year Elizabeth Wasserman of Columbia Falls won the Missoula Half Marathon in 1 hour and 18 minutes, now she’s hoping to repeat the feat.

"I feel like I kind of blacked out and I don’t remember it that well," Wasserman said. "But it was just so exciting And I remember the crowd being super loud, and I remember my friends at the finish line cheering and just a really happy moment."

Having competed as a runner her whole life and at Marist College in New York, the Missoula Marathon holds a special place in Wasserman’s heart.

"It’s one of my favorite races, that’s why I keep coming back to it," said Wasserman with a smile. "I think this will be my fourth year not counting those Covid years. But the volunteers and crowd support are amazing and a lot of fun. And the race director and race management does a really great job putting the race together."

Wasserman’s training partner and high school sweetheart John McEntyre echoed her thoughts.

"Absolutely, that’s hands down my favorite races I’ve ever run," said McEntyre. "They just have such a great crowd and community there."

McEntyre will also being running in the half marathon and he plans on helping pace Wasserman for the first half of the race as she hopes to become a repeat champion.

"It’s always fun, we like to have competitions and compete with each other," said McEntyre with a grin. "She did hold the family PR for a while and then I took it away from her, so I’m encouraging her to try and take it back this year, hopefully she can do it at Missoula."

As for Wasserman, who’s always looking to improve, she knows it's more about having a good time than anything.

"Well I want to run a little bit faster time than last year, so I’m hopeful for that," said Wasserman. "And I hope to place in the top three this year, but I’m just really excited to go down to Missoula, it’s always fun."

The Missoula Marathon will take place on Saturday.