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Carroll College men's soccer Jack Bentson starts 'Adopt an Athlete' program for teammates

Posted at 11:16 AM, Aug 04, 2022

HELENA — Carroll College soccer forward and business major, Jack Bentson, took on a self-led marketing internship with Carroll athletics this summer. During his internship, he decided to take on another project for the benefit of his team, getting his teammates “adopted” for the upcoming season.

“So, being from Montana, I have always had a lot of family support, and have always had a bunch of people that have been able to come to my games pretty consistently. And I love my team. But they're from all over the place, and including places like South Africa, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Spain, literally from all over the world, which is amazing for us, because we love the diversity, and even domestically. We have kids from Wisconsin, Vegas, Texas, California, and kind of all over. So they're not as fortunate with their familial support,” Bentson said.

Bentson describes the adopt an athlete program as low-commitment. He is looking for families who are willing to attend home soccer games and maybe occasionally have a player over for a home cooked meal when they feel homesick.

“So from what I have witnessed at Carroll, we have a lot of programs who already have these host families set up. And from what I've seen, being at these games, the local communal support is just electric. Many athletes have said it's great to have someone who they can call on when they're homesick or in need of some kind of support,” he said.

Carroll has eight regular season home games this year, and two upcoming scrimmages.

“Really looking forward to the season. We have a really close knit group of returners who are just ready to get back at it already. I can pretty much speak for everyone when I say that. We also have a great group of incoming freshmen kind of from all over. Yeah, the goal is always to get to the regional tournament in Salem and hopefully nationals after that, but we have high ambitions for the season,” Bentson said.

If you’re interested in the program you can reach out to Jack via the team’s Instagram.